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Andrea Dworkin Accused Hillary Clinton of ‘Betraying Younger Women’

Posted on | September 18, 2016 | 3 Comments

Andrea Dworkin on the Monica Lewinsky scandal in January 1998:

We are talking about a man who, in a predatory way, is using women, particularly young women. In this case, a woman who was working as an intern, for no money, because of her devotion to the Democratic Party and to him. In an alcove next to the Oval Office, he simply unzips his pants and she sexually services him.
Bill Clinton’s fixation on oral sex — non-reciprocal oral sex — consistently puts women in states of submission to him. It’s the most fetishistic, heartless, cold sexual exchange that one could imagine.
People are characterizing this as a sexual scandal, but it’s an abuse-of-power scandal. It corroborates what both Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers have said, and it’s a disaster for this particular young woman, Monica. I think there probably are many more of them, but I don’t know how many will come forward. . . .
The second issue that concerns me is what Hillary Clinton is doing, which I think is appalling. She is covering up for a man who has a history of exploiting women. If there is one thing being a feminist has to mean it’s that you don’t do that. You don’t use your intellect and your creativity to protect a man’s exploitation of other women. She’s done it before and she’s doing it again.
Ever since she went to the White House as First Lady, her life has been going down the tubes. She had to give up her profession and she’s been the staunch wife standing by her husband, no matter what vile things he does to humiliate her. It’s pathetic. She should pack her bags and leave.
Women of Hillary’s age — my age — have a responsibility not to let the men who are our peers exploit and destroy younger women. It breaks my heart to see Hillary on television. It’s a performance and as such it’s a lie. Whatever kind of deal they made in their marriage, I don’t believe it included the public humiliation of her. And this has to be the most towering humiliation of all.
I had great hopes for her at the beginning. I though: “How wonderful — a feminist in the White House. She’s so smart.” But I have not understood the choices she’s made and I have not been able to respect them. In protecting her husband, she is betraying younger women.

Today’s 18-year-old voter was just a baby when Andrea Dworkin wrote that. Maybe somebody should asks today’s young “feminists” about it.



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