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Did Queer Feminist @TheHeatherHogan Just Compare Lesbians to the ‘Alt-Right’?

Posted on | December 30, 2016 | Comments Off on Did Queer Feminist @TheHeatherHogan Just Compare Lesbians to the ‘Alt-Right’?


Heather Hogan is a senior editor at Autostraddle, a lesbian feminist blog that publishes anti-male/anti-heterosexual hate propaganda from such writers as Carmen Rios, while also offering helpful advice about dildos and celebrating “International Fisting Day.” Anyway . . .

For the past few years, there has been an ongoing battle within the online LGBT community between (a) so-called “queer feminists” who favor an “inclusive” approach toward sexual identity, and (b) actual lesbians, who are tired of being told by their alleged allies that it’s wrong for them to prefer the exclusive companionship of women. Much of the “queer feminist” pressure comes from transgender activists who label lesbians “TERFs” (trans-exclusive radical feminists) for wishing to avoid dangerous creepy dudes with lingerie fetishes. At the same time, lesbians also find themselves accused of “biphobia” or “bisexual erasure” if they ever call attention to the notorious fact that most so-called “bisexual” women are manipulative opportunists who exploit lesbians for fun and games, but usually end up married to a man. Anyway . . .

There have recently been management issues at the lesbian site AfterEllen (“AE”) which, obviously, is competing for the same readership niche as Autostraddle, and this rivaly may have been what inspired Heather Hogan to lash out at new AE editor Memoree Joelle:


You have to study these conflicts a while to understand what’s really happening. This is not just two lesbian bloggers fighting over commercial market share for their sites. What happened is that in October, Memoree Joelle signed a petition at arguing that some gay activists were hostile to the feminist concerns of lesbians:

This is a statement by Lesbians and our supporters that we are NOT part of the “LGBT” umbrella. Our interests both as lesbians in particular and women in general are not represented by any alphabet organization. We have had enough of our voices silenced and our protests ignored. The “LGBT community” is actively harming women with its insistence of focusing on transgender issues. We, the L, are going our own way to focus on our own community. . . . The L will speak for ourselves.

The background is that transactivists have demanded that what should be “women-only spaces” — public restrooms, gym locker rooms, etc. — must be open to “transwomen” with penises. Any woman who objects to this “inclusive” agenda is accused of “transphobia.” Many lesbian feminists have noticed that “transwomen” have secured leadership positions in major LGBT organizations, which are promoting transgender causes in ways that ignore legitimate concerns for women’s safety. Just ask any woman if she wants to share a public restroom with a 6-foot-tall 200-pound man in a dress and wig, or if she would want her daughter to be forced into such a situation, and the nature of this conflict becomes clear. There have been enough incidents involving transgender criminals — e.g., Albert “Aliea Rose” Brown, Dennis “Allison” Woolbert, Christopher “Jessica” Hambrook, Alberto “Ally” Robledo, Paul Ray “Paula” Witherspoon — to raise concerns about this kind of “inclusion.”

As tempting as it might be to look at this quarrel between Heather Hogan and Memoree Joelle as just a couple of kooks arguing, the fact is that there are legitimate policy issues involved, and Memoree Joelle is on the side of those who care about the safety of women and girls. What the “queer feminists” like Heather Hogan are doing is using “inclusion” as a  weapon against women, and they don’t like it when radical lesbians like Memoree Joelle call them out on it. There is a core principle of liberty at stake here — i.e., the right of voluntary association — and the “queer feminists” are against this freedom. As always, the friends of liberty find that their side of the argument gets them accused of “hate,” and I hope that Memoree Joelle now understands how conservatives feel when we are called racists, sexists and homophobes for opposing the totalitarian Cult of Social Justice. Remember what Vox Day says:

  1. SJWs always lie.
  2. SJWs always double down.
  3. SJWs always project.

You either believe in liberty or you don’t. “Social justice” is a cult, and “queer feminists” like Heather Hogan are enemies of liberty.



Hey, did I mention that Heather Hogan is a crazy cat lady? Nobody really enjoys hanging out with totalitarians, which is probably why Heather Hogan spends so much time alone in her apartment with her cats.


That’s Heather (left) and her girlfriend on Election Day, near their apartment full of cats, showing their support for Hillary Clinton, because she shares their hatred of men, capitalism, Jesus and America.

And they wonder why they lost the election . . .



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