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America Is Rapidly Becoming Insane

Posted on | January 4, 2017 | 3 Comments

Does murder suspect Jerry Pagan look crazy to you?

Barack Obama kept his promise to fundamentally transform America, and our country is turning into a coast-to-coast lunatic asylum:

A homeless man was indicted Tuesday for killing his Bronx lover, authorities said.
Court papers show that Jerry Pagan, 32, confessed in grisly detail to murdering 68-year-old Richard Reed.
He told detectives that, before authorities intervened, he had planned to eat his victim’s penis and chop his head off.
“I stabbed him with a knife and hit him over the head with a hammer and cut off his penis and put it in the sink,” Pagan said to cops in a videotaped interview, the court papers show.
The accused killer added that he “was going to fry the penis up and eat it, too.”

A typical Democrat voter. Meanwhile, in Ohio . . .

Ohio sperm-squirting suspect Timothy Blake.

Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks reported that Timothy D. Blake, 28, of 4520 Sams Creek Road, Mineral Wells, was arrested Friday evening in connection with several incidents of public masturbation and menacing in the Marietta area for the past two months.
“This has been a joint investigation between the Marietta Police Department and our office,” said Mincks. “An off-duty MPD officer came across his truck today with the specific insignia we had been searching for and called it in to his superiors and our office.”
Blake allegedly admitted to 12 instances in which he had masturbated in public shopping center parking lots, filled syringes with bodily fluid [i.e., semen] and followed women around stores squirting their backsides with the liquid.
“The first report came in two months ago from a woman who had found this on her bottom and after cleaning it off in the bathroom had walked out to find him waiting and staring at her,” said Mincks. “She said he then took off and she followed him until he got in his truck and left.”
Mincks said officials used both the woman’s description of Blake’s face and company truck to locate him. He also said they were able to use Wal-Mart’s security footage to add to the physical description of Blake.

The sheriff told WTAP-TV, “After we arrested Mr. Blake we asked him about it and he said that it was something that he had discovered on the internet and decided to try it.” Gosh, how is it that I’ve been on the Internet more than 20 years and never “discovered” this idea? What kind of freak is Timothy Blake? Is he registered to vote as a Democrat? Did he support Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton in the 2016  primary?

Meanwhile, in Wisconsin . . .


The University of Wisconsin-Madison is currently taking applications for its “Men’s Project,” a six-week program that aims to counter the alleged harmful effects of society’s masculinity paradigms and pressures and empower participants to promote “gender equity.”
“Men’s Project creates a space for critical self-reflection and dialogue about what it means to be a man and how masculinity impacts us and those around us,” organizers state in promoting the effort.
“The experience focuses on the examination of societal images, expectations, and messages around masculinity to empower men to better understand themselves, promote the advancement of gender equity, and raise consciousness in their communities,” organizers add.
It’s open only to “men-identified students” at the public university and “operates on a transformative model of social justice allyship,” according to a news release on the university’s website, which adds “by encouraging that kind of dialogue among a men-identified cohort, the goal is to create a sense of security in vulnerability throughout the six-week program.”

Any guy who would sign up for a “transformative model of social justice allyship” is insane.  What’s the difference between a lunatic asylum and the University of Wisconsin? They’re both full of dangerously crazy people, but only one of them has a Big Ten football program.



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