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The #WomensMarch on Washington: Like ‘Seinfeld,’ It’s a Show About Nothing

Posted on | January 17, 2017 | 1 Comment


The organizers of Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington are Democrats who are protesting that a Republican won the election. Period.

However, admitting their crudely partisan motives would sort of undercut their claim to speak on behalf of all women (e.g., a majority of white women voted for Trump) and they have had difficulty explaining what their march is actually about. The person who skewers them most effectively, I must say, is Canadian radical feminist Meghan Murphy:

Since the March was announced, many feminists have wanted to know more: What is the purpose of the March? Is there an agenda? It is called a “Women’s March,” but is it for women only? (No.) Is the March “anti-Trump? (No.) Or even a protest? (Also no.) For a short while, though enthusiastic, many wondered how and if organizers would even be able to pull it off. But a permit was issued and the event is not only going to happen this Saturday, but is expected to be one of America’s biggest demonstrations.
But claims that the March is a radical one don’t exactly mesh with the message put forth by organizers.
“It’s an affirmative message to the new administration that ‘women’s rights are human rights,’” Vox reported, adding that “the event is being promoted as a ‘march’ or a ‘rally,’ but emphatically not a ‘protest.’”
Organizers’ insistence that the March doesn’t protest anything in particular could be interpreted as an effort to bring together as many people as possible. . . .
It’s odd to call something a “Women’s March” when it’s not really just for women, but the problems with the event extend far beyond that. Saying a thing is “woman-centered” is one thing, but actually centering women is another. The Women’s March, in their efforts to be “as inclusive as possible” have avoided naming the problem, leaving feminists to wonder how exactly the problem will be addressed, if we can’t even speak it out loud.

According to Ms. Murphy, the problem is simply men or, rather, “male violence,” but this just tips you off to the fact that Ms. Murphy is Canadian, because if she was American — and prone to dig around a bit in federal crime statistics — she’d realize why a bunch of Democrat protesters don’t want to get too specific about this problem. To put it bluntly, “male violence” in the United States is disproportionately caused by men who vote Democrat. Or at least, they probably would vote Democrat, if they weren’t so busy killing each other over drug turf in places like Chicago, where 10 people were gunned down over the MLK holiday weekend. Well, “intersectionality,” as the feminists say, but it’s not Trump voters who are terrorizing the streets of Chicago and — call it a hunch — I’m pretty sure this guy isn’t a Republican, either:

A Worcester, Massachusetts man faced a judge for human trafficking and rape charges after police say he paid $5,000 to smuggle a 14-year-old girl into the country, held her captive and sexually assaulted her.
Twenty-two-year-old Luis Santos was ordered to be held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing by a judge on Tuesday following his arrest last week.
Police say the girl apparently began talking with Santos on Facebook from El Salvador. She arrived in Worcester last month.
Police say she was forced to live in Santos’ apartment and share his bed. The girl accused Santos of touching her on multiple occasions.
Police say she was locked in a room and wasn’t allowed to use a phone or attend school most of the time.

Meanwhile, a “Black Lives Matter” protester is under arrest:


Javier Tra Dunn, 25, 4362 Hollywood St., was charged by an East Baton Rouge Parish grand jury Thursday with two counts of aggravated rape and one count of first-degree rape.
The indictment, filed into the court record Friday, accuses Dunn of raping the same alleged victim during three different time periods, beginning in 2012 when she was 5 and ending in late June when she was 9.
Dunn was arrested July 10 near Baton Rouge police headquarters on Goodwood Boulevard in July while protesting the fatal July 5 police shooting of Sterling. He was booked on counts of obstruction of a highway and resisting arrest.

Elsewhere in Louisiana:


A Shreveport man accused of raping a 5-year-old girl has been arrested.
The Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office says 20-year-old Jaquayveon Malik McGee was arrested Tuesday on a charge of first-degree rape. Bond was set at $75,000. It was unknown if he’s represented by an attorney.
Sheriff Steve Prator, in a news release Friday, said McGee’s arrest followed an investigation by Detective Larry Pierce into an incident that allegedly occurred Dec. 30 at the victim’s home in north Caddo Parish.
A family member of the child learned of the alleged sexual assault, took the child to a local hospital and reported the matter to the sheriff’s office.

Meanwhile, in California:


A man wanted for kidnapping, raping, and selling a 12-year-old Watsonville girl into prostitution was captured in Mexico.
In October, William Ortiz Ruiz took the girl to a motel in Watsonville, raped her, and then sold her as a prostitute, according to police.
Ruiz forced the girl to stay at the motel under threats of violence, Watsonville police said.
Mexican authorities and FBI agents found and arrested 21-year-old Ruiz in San Bartolomé Coro, Michoacán, Mexico last week.

Probably not a Trump voter.

Maybe because she’s from Canada, this isn’t obvious to Meghan Murphy, but here in America, there’s an awful lot of “male violence” Democrats never complain about, because Democrats are committing most of it.




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