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Since @Jack Put SJWs in Charge, @Twitter Has Lost $457 Million

Posted on | February 9, 2017 | 3 Comments


A year ago, my @rsmccain account was banned from Twitter because I had been criticizing feminists. I’d been on Twitter since 2009 and my account had tens of thousands of followers, but the claim that I was “participating in targeted abuse” was offered to justify my banishment, even though Twitter never said what the alleged “abuse” was, who had been “targeted,” or how I had been “participating.” This act of censorship exposed how Twitter had decided, in an election year, to surrender control of its platform to a crew of feminist social justice warriors (SJWs) designated the “Trust and Safety Council.” This secretive group of Soviet-style commissars included the notorious anti-male hatemonger Anita Sarkeesian, and soon Twitter began purging conservative accounts.

When my @rsmccain account was banned during this SJW-led purge, the #FreeStacy hashtag went viral, but Twitter executives (including CEO Jack Dorsey) refused to address the reality — I was among the perceived “enemies” of Hillary Clinton who were being banned from Twitter during a presidential election year. Jack Dorsey had made his company part of the Democrat Party’s campaign team and four months later, when Twitter banned popular commentator Milo Yiannopoulos, the partisan nature of “Trust and Safety” became transparent.

Banning conservatives from Twitter was Dorsey’s contribution-in-kind to the Democrats, but beyond the failure to elect Clinton, how did this political venture work out for Twitter stockholders?

Twitter shares sank Thursday after the social media company reported quarterly revenue that missed Wall Street’s expectations and issued guidance that fell far short of estimates. . . .
“While revenue growth continues to lag audience growth, we are applying the same focused approach that drove audience growth to our revenue product portfolio, focusing on our strengths and the real-time nature of our service. This will take time, but we’re moving fast to show results,” CEO Jack Dorsey said in a statement.

How badly does Twitter’s pro-Democrat SJW business model suck?

The social network’s active user base has been stalled around the 300 million mark for about two years, while younger rivals like Instagram pass it. Facebook (FB, Tech30), once thought to be the closest comparison for Twitter, is now approaching two billion monthly active users.
In an attempt to boost its bottom line, Twitter has gone through two rounds of layoffs since Dorsey returned as CEO in 2015.

Twitter is laying off staff and, also, banning popular users to appease feminist SJWs, while burning through investors’ money:

Twitter continues to be a loss-making company, reporting a net loss of $167 million in the quarter and a net loss of $457 million for the full financial year.

Holy crap! Losing nearly a half-a-billion dollars in one year? That’s $50,000 an hour, 24/7 — $8.8 million in losses every week.

Maybe they should #FreeStacy and #FreeMilo and get rid of the “Trust and Safety Council” that has made Twitter such a disaster.


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