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The Left’s Dystopian Future

Posted on | February 12, 2017 | Comments Off on The Left’s Dystopian Future

Daniella Bova is a Catholic mom and author whose most recent e-novel, Cadáin’s Watch, is about a family “determined to live free” who are “hunted by the totalitarian bureaucracy,” but who “vow to resist oppression no matter the cost.” Her concerns for the future have been alleviated by Hillary Clinton’s defeat in last year’s election, but at her blog, Mrs. Bova notices how, once the shoe was on the other foot, suddenly the Left began yelling about their pain:

While perusing the twitter mobs on or about November 10 I happened to see a tweet from a leftist opining that he was finding it hard to get used to living in a dystopia.
This led me to type the words dystopia and dystopian into a twitter search. There I found many such tweets, all from Leftists (some of them authors) saying they were living in a dystopia.
This is still going on today. Try the search yourself and you’ll see the evidence.
Now please. It took only the election of Trump to make Liberals “feel” like they are living in a dystopia. On what basis?
Their candidate of choice lost the election.
Meanwhile, conservatives have just lived through 8 years of tyranny and abuse by Obama and his Leftist minions.
Our groups (Tea Party) were targeted by the IRS and declared to be “risky” by the Obama administration.
We were and are being forced to purchase a product by law (health insurance) which violates our rights under the Constitution.
Businesses were mobbed and attacked and sued by Leftists for refusing to bake a freaking cake. People’s lives were ruined, They were fired from their jobs for holding the “wrong” opinion on matters of conscience.
The list could on for two pages or more, and these pretentious Liberals actually believe they were inserted into a dystopia one day after their candidate lost an election?
What does that say about them?

You can read the whole thing. What does it say about Democrats? Clearly, they had big dreams for what they could accomplish with Hillary as president, and the intense rage of the Left’s disappointment shows how important “fundamentally changing the United States of America” really is to them. Losing their power to impose their “progressive” designs on our nation was, for them, like being a toddler deprived of a favorite toy.

My 2012 Election Night column for the American Spectator, “Doomed Beyond All Hope of Redemption,” was widely cited by leftist bloggers gloating over Barack Obama’s re-election. Yet the point of the column was about accepting the reality of defeat. When a football team loses a game, it is counterproductive to sit around complaining about the referees or doing some kind of “would have/could have/should have” second-guessing about the game. You lost. You failed. You were not good enough. If you had been good enough, all the bad breaks would not have been enough to defeat you. Good teams win and bad teams lose. The loser must accept the reality that he deserved to lose, and vow to train harder and improve himself so that next time, he can deserve victory.

Judging from the Left’s reaction to Hillary Clinton’s defeat, the Democrats are prepared to keep losing for a long, long time.

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