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Why Does @ElleMagazine Support Murderers Against ‘Heteropatriarchy’?

Posted on | February 4, 2017 | Comments Off on Why Does @ElleMagazine Support Murderers Against ‘Heteropatriarchy’?

“Those who still defend the supremacy of white, male heteropatriarchy had better watch out. The next 1,459 days of the Trump administration will be 1,459 days of resistance.”
Angela Davis, Jan. 21, 2017

“It was quickly established that Angela Davis had purchased at least two of the guns used in the deadly attack, including the shotgun that killed Judge Haley, which she had bought two days earlier and which was then sawed off.”
Ronald Radosh, March 11, 2012

Do you believe in kidnapping and murdering judges? In August 1970, California Superior Court Judge Harold Haley was presiding over the Marin County murder trial of San Quentin inmate James McClain, accused of killing a prison guard. Judge Haley was “taken hostage in his courtroom, along with several others . . . and killed during the attempted escape of his captors with their hostages.” Judge Haley was murdered with a sawed-off shotgun that had been purchased two days earlier by Communist Party activist Angela Davis. Prosecutors said Davis, who had been dismissed from the faculty of UCLA in 1969 because of her CPUSA membership, was in love with a San Quentin inmate named George Jackson, who had been convicted of a 1961 armed robbery and who had adopted radical politics in prison. Arnold Ahlert summarized the courthouse attack in which Judge Haley was murdered:

George Jackson’s 17-year-old brother, Jonathan, charged into a Marin County courtroom and took several people hostage, including Judge Harold Haley, the prosecuting assistant DA, and two jurors. The assailants taped a sawed-off shotgun (owned by Davis) to Haley’s chin. In the ensuing escape attempt, a shootout took place during which Haley’s head was blown off, and Jonathan Jackson was killed.

Responsibility for this crime can never be erased from the career of Angela Davis. She has blood on her hands, and while she was acquitted at trial, the historical record is not in dispute about the facts.


Speaking of facts, notice the term “heteropatriarchy” in Angela Davis’s Jan. 21 speech at the Women’s March on Washington. This term was coined by lesbian separatist Janice Raymond, a disciple of anti-male radical Mary Daly, and whenever feminists use this term, they express a condemnation heterosexuality, per se. Thus, in applauding Angela Davis, the Women’s March crowd was endorsing an ideology that is anti-capitalist, anti-male, anti-white, and also anti-heterosexual.

We know that the Women’s March endorsed criminal violence because another speaker at the event was Donna Hylton, “who spent time in prison for participating in the kidnapping, rape, murder, and ransoming of a gay man.” And here are sources for the facts about Angela Davis:

Everybody should know these facts, but the liberal media and our education system have insisted on scrubbing clean the historical record, leaving young people ignorant about the crimes of the radical Left. It is astonishing how many journalists cooperate with this agenda, like Stalinists airbrushing Trotsky out of pictures of the Bolshevik revolution. Can anyone guess what inspired me to write this post?

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To the editors, Elle magazine:
Your decision, on January 21, to publish the transcript of a speech by Angela Davis calls into question your editorial judgment. Ms. Davis is not only a notorious Communist revolutionary, but also supplied the weapons which in August 1970 were used in a brutal crime that led to the murder of Judge Harold Haley.
Despite these well-known facts about Ms. Davis, which anyone could discover with a simple Google search, the transcript of her speech in Elle was preceded by a laudatory introductory paragraph in which Lyndsey Matthews praised Ms. Davis as a “civil rights activist.” Ms. Matthews celebrated Ms. Davis’s call for “resistance” and “social justice.” This raises the question of whether Elle magazine, its editors, its advertisers, and its corporate management at Hearst, now officially endorse Ms. Davis’s advocacy of Communist revolution and the criminal violence with which Ms. Davis was notoriously associated.
While it is likely that Ms. Matthews was merely quoting from some publicist’s thumbnail biography of Ms. Davis, and was swept up in the prevailing anti-Trump fever of the liberal journalism community, it is nonetheless a falsehood — deception by omission — to treat someone like Ms. Davis as just another “activist.” How can a women’s magazine like Elle show such contempt for the life of Judge Haley, whose murder inflicted a grievous loss not only on his widow (Gertrude Ahern Haley, his high school sweetheart) but also his three daughters, Joan, Patricia and Carol? Do the editors of Elle care nothing at all about the victims of violent crime? Is the Hearst corporation now taking the side of murderers and Communists? And why should advertisers, who presumably believe in the free-market system and don’t advocate murder, pay money to a publication that endorses such things?
It is ironic, as author Kevin Lloyd Billingsley has pointed out, that Ms. Davis’s speech included the remark that “history cannot be deleted” when, in reporting this speech, Elle magazine and other liberal publications did delete so much important history.
Robert Stacy McCain

Is Elle now a fashion magazine for man-hating anti-white lesbian Marxist radicals? Has the management at Hearst lost its mind? Is there no limit to the lunacy inspired by Trump Derangement Syndrome?



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