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@DavidBenkof: Disagreement != *Phobia

Posted on | February 20, 2017 | Comments Off on @DavidBenkof: Disagreement != *Phobia

by Smitty

I’m so tired of pieces like “Attacks On Milo Yiannopoulos Are About Homophobia, Not Pedophilia that I’m almost too bored to respond:

I’m not enamored of Milo Yiannopoulos – and not only because “gay Jewish conservative opinion writer” was supposed to be MY thing. He often seems more interested in promoting himself than any particular set of ideas, and his unctuous showmanship rubs me the wrong way. And as I said, I deplore his idea that children can consent to sex. But his dis-invitation from CPAC for remarks that have been misinterpreted, that share attitudes not uncommon in America, and that he has apologized for is a dangerous precedent even for a self-proclaimed dangerous faggot.

David, you’re part of the problem, not the solution.

And that problem is equating ideas with people. You can privilege people for being gay, and then try to silence all who disagree by accusing them of being homophobic. This puts you in the position of saying “X hasn’t done enough to disprove homophobia,” which is non-falsifiable.

I reject the idea of homosexuality because form follows function; the alternatives are feeble fleshly foolishness.

I accept homosexuals as human beings because there isn’t anything going on with them that is more or less different than my own, personal foolishness. Just because I haven’t gotten into a specific form of foolishness doesn’t place me above/below anyone else in Eternity. There is plenty of evidence online to back up my assertion here (as though I had something to prove to anyone).

When we move to the point that we differentiate between sexuality and politics, and simply respect all persons and “spousal units” (even while mostly ignoring them and the offspring), then we can talk about the situation improving.

This whole CPAC kerfuffle is just so much advertising. It’s the GOProud rah-rah again. I shook hands with the chaps. They’re human beings. But the organization as such isn’t interested in elevating individuals or organizations that if feels do not enhance its goals. So, take the free advertising obtained, stage parallel events, and let the market tell the tale on whether the ideas have merit.

I can listen to Milo in the same vein I listen to the Dead Kennedys: an interesting viewpoint, and that’s about it. But don’t call people “homophobe” because the don’t feel like trading protein with Milo; the notion may simply be boring.


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