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#BlackLivesMatter Activist Missed the Memo From Democrat Party HQ

Posted on | March 2, 2017 | 1 Comment


Trevor Ferguson doesn’t seem to realize that the election is over, and that the Soros-funded “movement” #BlackLivesMatter has passed its expiration date. Since the Ferguson riots of 2014, it has been obvious that these made-for-CNN protests were about mobilizing black voters for the Democrat Party, in the same way the “rape culture” discourse on university campuses was about mobilizing college girls for Democrats.

Well, Hillary lost, and now the liberal propaganda message is Trump scandals 24/7 — “Russians! Russians! Russians!” — but some idiotic activist types haven’t figured this out yet:

A judge has granted a restraining order against a Black Lives Matter activist who took his racially charged rhetoric to the law office and home of Los Angeles Police Commission President Matt Johnson.
The intrusion of the activist, Trevor Ferguson, into the commissioner’s private life marked an escalation of a conflict that had previously been confined to public meetings.
Ferguson is part of a group that regularly disrupts the Police Commission’s weekly meetings by chanting and speaking out of turn to express outrage at Los Angeles Police Department shootings of black and Latino people.
Johnson, one of two African American police commissioners, is sometimes singled out by Ferguson and others, who call him a “houseboy” — a derogatory term for a black person who is subservient to whites — amid demands that LAPD Chief Charlie Beck resign and the entire department be disbanded. . . .
After hearing more than an hour of testimony Wednesday, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Carol Boas Goodson concluded that Ferguson’s intent was not only to protest but to “incite fear.” The restraining order requires Ferguson to stay away from Johnson and his family. Ferguson can continue to speak at Police Commission meetings but must keep a five-yard distance from Johnson.
In granting the restraining order, Goodson said that “any parent would be concerned,” because Ferguson mentioned Johnson’s son at a Police Commission meeting and subsequently visited Johnson’s home.

Blame CNN for this. In 2014, the network promoted false claims about the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson. CNN spent months hyping the #BlackLivesMatter movement and its hateful lies, which have been exposed by Heather Mac Donald in her book The War on Cops.

#BlackLivesMatt represents the kind of “activist” mentality in which identity-group politics is the entire meaning of existence.

This toxic ideology, a political poison that destroys civil society, is a lingering after-effect of the Obama era. American culture is unraveling after eight years of a “community organizer” in the White House.