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‘Fundamentally Unfair’: Legal Group Slams Campus Sexual Assault Policies

Posted on | March 27, 2017 | Comments Off on ‘Fundamentally Unfair’: Legal Group Slams Campus Sexual Assault Policies

If you have read K.C. Johnson and Stuart Taylor’s book The Campus Rape Frenzy: The Attack on Due Process at America’s Universities, you understand what a nightmare of insane fear has taken hold in our higher education system. And this is confirmed by the latest news:

The American College of Trial Lawyers has released a new report criticizing the way claims of sexual misconduct are currently investigated and adjudicated on college campuses nationwide. They argue that the procedures used by these institutions lack basic fairness for the accused. . . .
“ACTL believes that in a well-intentioned effort to address the significant problem of campus sexual assault, OCR has established investigative and disciplinary procedures that, in application, are in many cases fundamentally unfair to students accused of sexual misconduct,” the group’s report states.
“Under the current system,” ACTL writes, “everyone loses.” That includes victims, whose “experiences are unintentionally eroded and undermined.”

Read the whole thing. Unlike the ACTL, I am unwilling to stipulate that these policies were motivated by good intentions. Feminists deliberately incited a climate of hysteria among students in which the definition of “sexual assault” was distorted beyond recognition. The resulting confusion was exploited in situations like the “Mattress Girl” case at Columbia and the notorious Rolling Stone rape hoax at UVA. The more you know about such cases, the less it looks like “a well-intentioned effort” and the more it looks like incipient totalitarianism.

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