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Police Say Crackhead Started Fire That Destroyed I-85 Overpass in Atlanta

Posted on | April 2, 2017 | 1 Comment

Basil Eleby was inspired by crack cocaine, not Islamic jihad.

When I turned on the news and saw the raging inferno that destroyed an interstate highway overpass north of downtown Atlanta last week, my first thought was that this must be Islamic terrorism. Somehow, I was certain, radical Muslims inspired by ISIS had figured out a way to cripple a major transportation hub, probably by detonating a fuel tanker under the bridge. And if this succeeded, then we would see a wave of similar attacks on vital infrastructure in other cities.

That was my hunch, anyway. It seemed like a logical conclusion, but I guess I owe ISIS an apology, because the truth was far more mundane:

The man accused of starting the raging fire that destroyed part of Interstate 85 north of downtown Atlanta was talking about smoking crack just before the blaze began, according to his arrest affidavit.
Basil Eleby told city and federal investigators that he had discussed smoking crack cocaine with two companions under the highway overpass before deciding to do the drug alone, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Saturday.
Jail records show Eleby has been arrested 19 times since 1995, mostly on drug charges. Accused of starting the fire below the elevated highway, Eleby now faces charges of first-degree arson and first-degree property damage.
Sophia Brauer and Barry Thomas were arrested along with Eleby on Friday, both charged with criminal trespass in the area used to store state-owned construction materials and equipment.
“We believe they were together when the fire was set and Eleby is the one who set the fire,” Deputy Insurance Commissioner Jay Florence said.

Abandon all hope. America is doomed — helplessly and irretrievably doomed. Even before the radical Muslims can kill us all, our civilization will be destroyed from within by vagabond drug addicts. The only interesting question here is, did Basil Eleby vote in any recent elections?

Because I’m thinking he’s not a Republican. That’s just a hunch. Sometimes my hunches are wrong, but this one? About a 99% certainty.



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