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Coming This (Down)Fall: #RiceCapades

Posted on | April 5, 2017 | Comments Off on Coming This (Down)Fall: #RiceCapades

by Smitty

I’ve been pretty much wrong with every thing I’ve ever predicted, politically.

Undaunted, let me offer the following rough outline:

  1. Trump has Congress appoint a special prosecutor.
  2. They do a thorough investigation of #OccupiedResoluteDesk’s abuses, direct and indirect.
  3. They publish a redacted copy.
  4. Trump pardons Obama.

Think about it:

  • Obama wants to go to court. He can drag out every last bit of punctuation in court, while his thralls tear up the country.
  • Trump has far more to lose than to gain by actual litigation. What are you raaaaacists actually going to do to Teh One?
  • By just putting it out there and pardoning Obama, Trump executes irrefutable judgement on Obama. And Donald can claim healing, bi-partisanship, hugs, and cupcakes.

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