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Fired for ‘Work Place Violence,’ Florida Man Does Exactly What You’d Expect

Posted on | April 10, 2017 | Comments Off on Fired for ‘Work Place Violence,’ Florida Man Does Exactly What You’d Expect


Abeku Wilson was a 6-foot-2, 175-pound personal trainer at an upscale gym in the affluent Miami suburb of Coral Gables. Notice the use of the past-tense verb “was” in that sentence? That’s because after Wilson lost his job Saturday, he decided to make headlines:

Abeku Wilson opened fire on two managers at the Equinox fitness club Saturday afternoon shortly after the high-end gym fired him for “work place violence” and escorted him off the premises at the Merrick Park mall, police said Sunday.
The 33-year-old returned to the gym with a hand gun and fatally shot two supervisors: Janine Ackerman, 35, the general manager; and Marios Hortis, 42, the gym’s fitness manager.
Miami-Dade police said “both victims were targeted” and that “this was not an act of random violence.
Wilson “turned the gun on himself” after shooting the two. Wilson died on the scene; Ackerman and Hortis were rushed to the hospital in critical condition and later died. Ackerman’s death came shortly after the shooting Saturday; Equinox first revealed the death of Hortis in an email to members Sunday morning. A police spokesman confirmed Hortis’s death Sunday afternoon.
The police news release does not offer details about Wilson’s dismissal or when the alleged violence behind it occurred. Wilson was at work Saturday morning, and finished up with a client about an hour before the shooting, according to interviews. Eveliny Bastos-Klein, the client who finished up an hour session with Wilson at noon., said she made an appointment to see him again on Wednesday. “I didn’t notice anything amiss,” she said Saturday.
Police said the shooting happened at 12:55 p.m.
Wilson “was terminated from his employment on Saturday, April 8, 2017, due to work place violence and was escorted off the premises,” the release said. “He then returned to the fitness center armed with a hand gun and shot the general manager, Janine Ackerman, multiple times. He also shot Marios Hortis, employee, multiple times, and then turned the gun on himself.”

The woman Abeku Wilson killed, Janine Ackerman, was a New Jersey native who graduated from Florida International University and had worked at Miami’s famous Fontainebleau Hotel. She was remembered by a former roommate as “the greatest person ever . . . amazing.”

Just more “violence against women” that feminists will ignore.

For some reason . . .



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