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Fear and Loathing at BWI

Posted on | September 6, 2017 | Comments Off on Fear and Loathing at BWI

The Flying Dog Tap House near Gate A8 doesn’t have WiFi, but they do have Ralph Steadman’s art on the walls, so that’s probably a good omen for this Gonzo adventure. My flight to Boston’s Logan International boards at 9:10, which gives me just about half an hour to write . . . what?

With no WiFi, I can’t link the news until I’m out in the Food Court (“right down the hall,” says my waitress, LaDawna) and right now I’m having breakfast. Two eggs over medium, sausage, hash-browns and a Bloody Mary. “Self-medicating,” they say. It’s a mighty early hour for a Bloody Mary but (a) I’ve been up since before 5 a.m. when my wife woke me up to pack, and (b) obviously I need something to counteract the effects of three cups of coffee. My nerves are jangled, and there’s always this frenzied rush whenever I have to fly anywhere.

Packing up the car and driving seems to me the much more relaxing way to travel, because if you get behind schedule you just drive faster, and I enjoy driving fast. Our nation’s law enforcement establishment tends to take a different view of the matter, and the joy of doing 90 mph is tempered by the need to avoid detection. But I digress . . .

Harvard University is all upset about President Trump’s threat to end DACA, because there are about 65 illegal aliens at Harvard — the illegal elite, as it were. Harvard is America’s leading anti-American university. They love foreigners and hate anybody who was actually born here, unless maybe you’re gay or something. Yet it seems Harvard has accidentally admitted a few Republican students, and I got an email from one of them Tuesday night, offering to guide me across campus.

There’s no time now to explain more, however, because that plane’s about to start boarding and I’ve got to rush out, jam this thing online as quickly as possible and then get in line. Wish me luck. Damn, there was too much pepper in that Bloody Mary . . .

* * * * *

Readers can come hear me speak, and get a copy of my book Sex Trouble, this Saturday, Sept. 9, in Leominster, Massachusetts, at an event hosted by Da Tech Guy blog, the Worcester Tea Party and Granite Grok.

Tickets for this buffet luncheon event are available online, and I hope all my friends in the New England area will attend.

If you can’t make it to Saturday’s luncheon, however, you might want to chip in to the Shoe Leather Fund, because I’ll be spending five days up there and hope to visit Harvard University and other institutes of higher learning in the region, just to see what kind of lunacy the Gender Studies crowd is promulgating on campus this fall. Please remember the Five Most Important Words in the English Language:





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