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Social Justice and Fake Hate Crimes

Posted on | September 7, 2017 | 2 Comments


Michael Kee committed an anti-Muslim hate crime — against himself.

Police in Wisconsin say that Kee, a student at Beloit College who identifies as Muslim, spray-painted crude anti-Muslim slogans on the door of his own dorm room in February. The incident occurred days after a Jewish student at Beloit was targeted by anti-Semitic note slipped under his dorm-room door. Police say the motive for Kee’s hoax was that he “wanted the same attention the campus was giving the other student.”

Beloit is a private liberal arts college that is expensive ($55,206 a year, including room and board), but not what you’d call “elite” — a school for kids who didn’t have the SATs to get into Amherst or Oberlin, really. Rich parents send their kids to Beloit for a four-year vacation from reality, and the decadent youth keep themselves busy learning about social justice:

Beloit College recently published a “#GetWoke” syllabus in an effort to encourage students to familiarize themselves with the anti-Trump resistance movement.
The syllabus, called “#GetWoke: Activism and Organizing During 45 Syllabus,” was created by the school’s diversity office for its upcoming “#GetWoke lecture series,” providing a “general overview of white supremacy, fascism, race and racism, and nation-state.” . . .
The syllabus then suggests that protesting is “at the heart of what it means to demand the state sees you when you sit at the margins of society,” encouraging students to listen to protest songs such as KRS One’s “Sound of Da Police,” or read texts like “Social Justice Organizing” for inspiration. . . .
Among the resources included in the syllabus are related syllabi on similar topics, such as a “Syllabus for White People to Educate Themselves,” and another on how “All Monuments Must Fall.” . . .
Additionally, the college plans to host at least four #GetWoke panels during the upcoming school year, the first of which will be delivered later this month by Moya Bailey, a feminist academic who coined misogynoir, a term derived from intersectional feminist theory to describe the misogynistic experiences of black women in particular.

According to Wikipedia, “Moya Bailey is a black queer feminist scholar, writer, and activist . . . Bailey attended Spelman College for her undergraduate degree. She pursued graduate studies at Emory University in the department of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. She is currently a Dean’s Post-Doctoral Fellow at Northeastern University.” In other words, she is a professional victim, someone whose raison d’être is victimhood, and who has never done anything in her life except denounce “society” for its racism, sexism and homophobia.

Beloit’s Office of Academic Diversity and Inclusiveness (OADI) used its “Scholar in Residency” program to bring Bailey to their campus, in order to teach these rich kids . . . what? How to be pathetic crybabies the rest of their lives? How to manufacture social-justice slogans? How to get a Ph.D. in Gender Studies and thereby avoid doing any actual work?

What kind of parents would actually pay to send their kid to a school like Beloit? This is one of the great inexplicable mysteries of the 21st century, like how Texas A&M blew that 34-point lead against UCLA . . .

Isn’t it the case that colleges, by promoting “social justice” ideology, are teaching kids that victimhood is an achievement? And isn’t the case of Beloit’s Michael Kee a predictable consequence?



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