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Campus Snowflakes Reduced to Tears After Being Confronted With Facts

Posted on | September 14, 2017 | 1 Comment


Christopher Rodgers, Dean of Students and Deputy Title IX Coordinator at Fordham University is under investigation after he showed a video to dorm RAs (resident assistants) debunking the “1-in-5” myth of campus sexual assault. During orientation training last month, Rodgers showed the video from Prager U that points out flawed methodology in surveys that have been used to support the claim that 20% of female college and universities students are victims of campus sexual assault:

The video explains that the controversial statistic was based on a study based on anonymous online resources from 5,000 women at two universities, none of whose claims were verified.
Based on their responses, the authors and not the participants defined that 1,000 of those women had been victims of some manner of “non-consensual or unwanted sexual contact,” prompting sensationalist claims of a thriving “rape culture” and “campus rape epidemic” on campuses across the United States.
Contrary to the popular statistic, more comprehensive data from the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that only 1 in 52.6 college women are victims of rape and sexual assault over a period of four years.

The “1-in-5” myth is a ten-fold exaggeration of the actual incidence of campus sexual assault. Federal data indicate that the rate of sexual assault has declined sharply since the 1990s, and female college students are actually less likely to be raped than non-college women ages 18-24.


Dean Rodgers showed the RAs both the Prager U video and an excerpt of the “rape culture” documentary The Hunting Ground, presenting these as examples of competing political agendas around the issue of campus sexual assault. The reaction? These RAs — who are supposed to be mature student leaders, supervising younger dorm students — broke down in emotional trauma. One of the RAs complained:

I sat through the presentation a little longer and then left the room. I went to the bathroom where I found at least 10 other female RAs, many of whom were in tears.
It is my personal opinion that Dean Rodgers is not fit to hold his position as the Deputy Title IX Coordinator. As a woman, as a student, and as a Resident Assistant I do not trust him to appropriately and sensitively handle cases of sexual misconduct. “Political context” has no place in discussions about sexual violence. . . .
If he cannot be trusted to take our emotional states into account and respect our opinions, criticisms, and views, why should I trust him to handle cases of sexual assault?

How about instead we just admit that coeducation is a failed experiment?

Fordham was originally founded as an all-male institution, but now 57% of undergraduates are female.The cost of sending your daughter to Fordham is $68,406 a year, including room and board. For that price, you might expect Fordham to acquaint the precious little darlings with facts and reality, but they can’t handle it. Why not just ban males from campus altogether? Turn it into a girls’ school, because the snowflakes are emotionally incapable of dealing with men, or with facts.

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