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‘The War on Whiteness’?

Posted on | January 6, 2018 | 1 Comment

While it’s a bad idea to encourage ethnic paranoia, a commenter at Steve Sailer’s site offers this interesting analysis:

The general position of liberal ideology is that as whites decrease as a proportion of the American populace — and presumably decrease in political heft — they will leave “whiteness” behind and essentially all become good postmodern cosmopolitans, embracing their new lack of power — all at a time where socioeconomic standards are declining for the majority of Americans who haven’t bridged the gap to the upper-middle class. In the particular example of 21st Century America, they seem to expect that they will scramble obeying the exhortations of the people who enthusiastically champion their decline while offering non-subtly veiled sympathy trolling at best, or more often mocking them as historical relics. All while our elite increasingly seem to embrace some new form of neo-feudalism replacing the nation-state and traditional yeoman freedom in America.

This may be an accurate description of elite liberal belief, insofar as liberals believe in anything more complicated than “Vote Democrat!”

In other words, it seems to me, the typical liberal is not so much an ideologue as he is a partisan Democrat. Looking at exit-poll data, he can see that a majority of white voters are Republican and therefore, in terms of policy, he supports anything that will reduce the white population.

Occam’s Razor dictates that we ought not seek an obscure or complex explanation when an obvious and simple one is at hand. At some point during the past half-century, Democrats became the anti-white party, not necessarily because of their beliefs, but because of their interests.

You may dispute this interpretation, but what is the alternative theory? Liberals will tell you that Republicans are “racist,” and that the only way to combat racism is — wait for it — “Vote Democrat!” You don’t have to be a hard-boiled cynic like me to suspect that this is just propaganda, no matter how sincerely the Democrat rank-and-file believe it. Members of the Communist Party might have been sincere in accepting every shift in the party line from Lenin to Stalin to Khrushchev to Gorbachev, but that didn’t mean that these shifts were justified by anything other than the whims of the Soviet dictatorship. For most of the 1930s, the CPUSA advocated a “Popular Front” alliance against fascism. This ended abruptly with the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of August 1939 and, for the next 21 months, Communists denounced as “warmongers” anyone (including President Roosevelt) who favored aid to Hitler’s enemies. The party line shifted again in June 1941, when Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, at which point Communists began denouncing as “fascists” anyone who opposed aid to Hitler’s enemies. Are the Democrats of today less cynical than Communists of old, in terms of their slavish devotion to the party line? It is entirely possible that liberal rhetoric against “racism” is mere partisanship, like CPUSA members saying whatever their Soviet masters told them to say, and the best way to defeat such people is to tell the truth about them: Democrats are liars, and never to be trusted.

Don’t succumb to ethnic paranoia. Don’t allow fear to control you. Don’t heed the voices of despair and hatred. Keep calm and focus on facts.




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