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Guys: Don’t Date Abby Nierman

Posted on | January 23, 2018 | Comments Off on Guys: Don’t Date Abby Nierman


When I wrote a long article about “Grace,” the 22-year-old who accused comedian Aziz Ansari of sexual assault, I guessed from textual clues that she was a student at New York University, an elite private school where the annual cost of attendance is $68,128. A rich girl, right?

Wrong. In fact, my guesswork was unnecessary, as “Grace” had already been identified as Abby Nierman, who attended a community college in northern Illinois before enrolling at the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2016. Also, I had guessed that “Grace” was very good-looking, because she attended the 2017 Emmy awards as someone’s date:

If you’ve got tickets to the Emmys, do you invite an ugly girl as your date? No, of course not. We can assume Grace is quite a looker, and one with lots of Daddy’s money.

Talk about getting it wrong! It’s embarrassing to admit how badly wrong I was, but let this be a lesson: Speculation is not journalism.

So instead of being a spoiled-rotten Daddy’s girl attending a $68,128-a-year elite school, she’s the ambitious small-town striver who worked her way through a trade school with a variety of jobs. And while I don’t wish to derogate her looks, she’s not magazine-cover beautiful.


Abby Nierman attended the Emmys as the date of Ibanda Ruhumbika, who plays tuba in the band on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.” And that’s why guys should be warned: Don’t date Abby Nierman. She went to the show with Ruhumbika, but during the after-party, she was making eyes at Aziz Ansari across the room. She eventually gave Ansari her phone number, which is how she ended up going on a date with him a few weeks later. Mick Jagger wrote a song about girls like her:


All classic rock-and-roll songs are now “rape culture,” of course, but what are we to surmise from Abby Nierman’s behavior? Aziz Ansari probably figured, “Well, if she dates tuba players . . .”

Readers may have noticed that Ms. Nierman’s feminism is, as the Gender Studies majors would say, intersectional. Free-speech advocates might defend the use of some other adjectives (and perhaps a few derisive nouns) to describe Ms. Nierman, but really, why give the SPLC any further pretext to accuse us of Thoughtcrime? Let’s just say she’s a “composite” girlfriend and leave it at that. However, others haven’t been so reticent or tactful in criticizing Ms. Nierman’s intersectional feminism: “How a White Woman Destroyed a Brown Actor’s Name.”

You forgot to include the word “trash,” sir. I’ll notify the SPLC.



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