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Tumblr Feminism: Is It Worth $3?

Posted on | February 15, 2018 | Comments Off on Tumblr Feminism: Is It Worth $3?


As a digital property, Tumblr is “effectively worthless,” according to financial analysts. The site’s lack of commercial value, however, does not prevent it from being a major platform for the dissemination of feminist ideology. This quote from Gail Dines, for example, was liked and reblogged nearly 3,000 times, and no one inside this online echo chamber ever considered the possibility that Professor Dines is wrong.

The word “slut” means a promiscuous woman. There are very good reasons that promiscuity is stigmatized, not least among them that the slut’s behavior tends to cause men to disrespect women generally. When feminists are ranting about “harassment,” “misogyny,” “rape culture,” etc., does it never occur to them that men’s bad attitudes toward women might, in some sense, be a rational response to female misconduct? For example, if a young man observes women being praised and rewarded for promiscuity in the name of “empowerment” and “equality,” might he not conclude that all women are disloyal and untrustworthy?


If promiscuity is such an essential trait of women’s sexuality that feminists celebrate it as a basic “right,” why should the young man think that women he meets are capable of chastity or monogamy? If all women are constantly searching for their next casual hookup, and have no interest in long-term relationships — for this is what the feminist message of sexual “empowerment” implies — how do we expect the young man to behave toward women? No one can be permitted to criticize promiscuous women, according to Professor Dines, who promotes an amoral standard of “non-judgmentalism” which means that there can be no basis for praise or respect for chaste women.

Perhaps I could continue this discourse endlessly, but the main point I wish to emphasize is this: You should hit my tip jar today.

This blog is a capitalist enterprise, after all, and readers who believe the work I do has real value — as opposed to Tumblr, which is “essentially worthless” — have managed to pay me enough to keep toiling away at it for a decade now. Yesterday, I spent a few hours mining Tumblr in preparation for exposing a new lode of Third Wave feminist craziness, but was interrupted by the school shooting in Florida that seemed worthy of coverage as actual news. Feminists, predictably, declared that the Broward massacre was about “toxic masculinity.” While it is wise to avoid arguing about politics over the bodies of innocent children, no one expects wisdom from Democrats. Did you know that Hillary Clinton won Broward County by more than a 2-to-1 margin? But I digress . . .

Returning to the Tumblr mine today (while babysitting my 3-year-old grandson) I’m reminded of my late friend Andrew Breitbart’s famous adage: “Politics is downstream from culture.” This is why I keep digging up these bizarre and obscure characters on Tumblr:

When I started exploring radical feminism in 2014, one of the first phenomena I discovered was SJW Tumblrinas. is to social media what syphilis is to bacteria — the absolute worst. When I mused here about why Tumblr is so indescribably wretched, a commenter observed that its format is so “user-friendly” that it takes zero skills, and thus attracts a user base characterized by below-average intelligence. . . .
My research into radical feminism focused largely on academia, quoting major feminist authors and Women’s Studies textbooks. What makes Tumblr valuable to such research is that it shows how Third-Wave gender theory — Feminism Is Queer, to invoke the title of Professor Mimi Marinucci’s textbook — is interpreted by the type of young feminists who consider themselves “social justice warriors” (SJWs). Tumblrinas express feminism as they understand it, which may not be what the typical Women’s Studies professor had in mind, but this is what feminism actually is, as it is disseminated into popular culture as a grassroots phenomenon among young women.

Dear reader, I’ve got a real doozy of a specimen in my sights. One of her messages on Tumblr about the evil homophobia of “straight people” got more than 60,000 notes. You could fill a college football stadium with such a crowd. Imagine what a stadium full of young SJW feminists would look like — a nightmare vision of Hell painted by Hieronymus Bosch. Given that they are so numerous, how do they affect our culture?


So how about $3 for a cup of coffee? There’s a lot of fun to be had doing this work, but there’s also a lot of tedious drudgery, screen-capping their SJW rants and archiving links so that the evidence under scrutiny doesn’t disappear when the Tumblrina panics after being exposed.

Somewhere in Hillsborough County, a plump Tumblrina with a pierced nose has no idea that anyone outside the digital feminist echo chamber has noticed her. Eight or 10 hours from now? Fun, fun, fun.

This fun will require hours of actual work, however, and $3 for a cup of coffee doesn’t seem too much to ask. Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: Your Homophobia Is a ‘Direct Threat’ of ‘Potential Violence,’ Says Queer Feminist.



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