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Derek Weida Doesn’t Grasp That David Hogg May Not Grasp That The 2A’s Not The Issue

Posted on | March 31, 2018 | Comments Off on Derek Weida Doesn’t Grasp That David Hogg May Not Grasp That The 2A’s Not The Issue

by Smitty

Derek is a wounded warrior, trying to cast a Spell of Reflection on the young cameraphile:

I’m actually kinda with the anti-gun folk. There’s no need BUT! I’ve learned that the way I live and the things I believe have nothing to do with how others want to live or what they want to believe. I’m a well regulated idealist. ? The people you’re arguing against… It’s not even about the gun. It’s about the freedom and the right… And you can’t win an argument against that, nor should you (In most cases).

I don’t doubt that there are some sincere, idealistic gungrabbers in the lot. Hogg may be one of them. I submit that, given his recent attacks on Laura Ingraham, whatever idealism propelled him initially, he’s gone Full Commie.
Thus, it seems that Hogg has joined the ranks of those who aspire to demolish the original country founded with the individual citizen as the starting point, not some hegemon and clique of strongmen.
I salute those still endeavoring to engage with these benighted twits. Hopefully we can avoid becoming real enemies, but I doubt it’s possible to be friends with someone who:
a) not only holds ideas at variance with the Constitution, but
b) seeks overthrow of the Constitution not through the stated change process, but through disgusting, passive-aggressive, legalistic fine print means.
The Second Amendment is the most visible front in the assault, but the whole Bill of Rights is under siege by the Left. We give Democrats power again at our peril.
Cindy Sheehan could not be reached for comment. Chiefly due to disinterest.

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