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‘Outdated Ideas of Biology’

Posted on | April 5, 2018 | 2 Comments

A left-wing Welsh politician, Leanne Wood, last month declared her party’s support for “trans equality”:

I want to see an inclusive feminism which brings women together rather than dividing us. . . . A feminism that understands that gender is a complex and deeply personal thing, and is about so much more than outdated ideas of biology.

“Outdated ideas of biology,” otherwise known as facts.


Ms. Wood’s comments were cited in a Guardian column by feminist Hadley Freeman, who is tired of being lectured about transgenderism:

Intriguingly, some of the most passionate arguments I’ve had about this have not been with trans people, but with liberal men. I surely speak for all of us ladies when I say I love nothing more than when a man explains to me, at some length, what a woman now is. I only have 40 years’ experience but, as we all know, experience is old hat now. There is something, shall we say, revealing about the way these “woke bros” take such glee in calling women (older ones, especially) who talk about their rights and bodies “terfs” — trans-exclusionary radical feminists — and insist they shut up or risk ostracism.

These left-wing “woke bros” evidently have no interest in women like Ms. Freeman, and care only about transgender activists like Ana Valens:

If Freeman’s opinion sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the same faux-feminist take pitting cis women against trans women that has been used again and again by transgender-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs), such as Feminist Current founder Meghan Murphy, who repeatedly depicts TERFs as “leftists” being “silenced” by trans women. . . .
In reality, a true feminist take would never attack trans women because trans women are women, and attacking women for being women is fundamentally misogynistic. . . .
It’s true that accepting trans women means challenging how we’ve long defined womanhood and expanding that definition. But this isn’t anything new; this is how progress works. Queer theory has long challenged straight people to see sexuality beyond treating straightness as the “default,” and trans theory challenges cis people to see gender beyond treating cis people as “normal.”

Ana Valens is the commissar of ‘true feminism.’

Thus, Ana Valens — a 2016 graduate of Rutgers University — declares himself/“herself” an arbiter of “true feminism,” a sort of ideological commissar with the authority to anathematize as a “faux feminist” any woman who disagrees, because “this is how progress works.”

Darleen Click observes that such attacks on “TERFs” have the effect of making “males-who-identify-as-women . . . the ultimate authority on what it means to be a woman.” By asserting that biology is “outdated,” and that “progress” requires us to pretend that Ana Valens is female in every sense of the word, the Left seeks to make political power the source of definition and meaning, without regard to scientific facts.



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