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Notorious Transgender Activist Compares Feminist Critics to Drug Addicts

Posted on | May 7, 2018 | 1 Comment


Feminist critics of transgenderism are “dogmatic” and debating them is “pointless,” according to Char Vortryss, a member of a controversial group that will hold a panel Saturday at the San Francisco Public Library.

“Until you come to understand that your dogma is harmful [and] decide to find another way, ‘debate’ is pointless,” Vortryss said in a Twitter thread. “It’s like with an addict. Interventions don’t work. You gotta find your own bottom, decide on your own that you’ve had enough [and] want to change for the better. Until then, all we can do is protect ourselves from the harm you’re trying to cause.”

A male-to-female transgender also known as “Char the Butcher,” Vortryss became notorious for having the slogan “Die Cis Scum” tattooed on his/“her” arm, posing with a baseball bat in a photo that was perceived by many as a threat to feminist critics of transgenderism.


“Cis” is the antonym of “trans.” Disparaging biological women as “cis scum” was part of a long-running conflict between transgender activists and critics they call “TERFs” (trans-exclusive radical feminists).

Last month, the San Francisco Public Library announced that it had made changes to an exhibit by Vortryss’s group, the Degenderettes, after complaints from patrons about “artwork that could be interpreted as promoting violence.” Among the exhibits in the Degenderettes display was a blood-stained T-shirt with the slogan, “I punch TERFs.”

The Degenderettes library exhibit (above) included a T-shirt by Mya Byrne (below).


The feminist blog Gender Trender pointed out that the shirt displayed in the library exhibit had been worn at the San Francisco Pride Parade by Degenderettes member, 40-year-old “Mya Byrne.” A folk singer formerly known as Jeremiah Birnbaum, Byrne was criticized in 2015 for “misogyny” after publishing a poem about the adolescent experience of masturbating while wearing his/“her” sister’s underwear.

Warning against “a crazy-ass woman-hating subculture of straight men who identify as transwomen and . . . call themselves TransDykes,” the Gender Trender blog condemned Byrne as part of a movement of “deranged” heterosexual men who advocate “violence against women.”


Char Vortryss is the transgender alias of 34-year-old Clinton James Crawford, who in February 2017 was one of three people granted petitions by a San Francisco judge “to change their gender to ‘non-binary’ — meaning they are legally neither male nor female” according to California courts. Vortryss’s spouse Xin Farrish is also “non-binary.” Vortryss concluded his/“her” Twitter thread by announcing a panel the Degenderettes will host Saturday at the San Francisco library.


Vortryss linked a Facebook announcement that included this:

Furthermore, the exhibition of art created by the Degenderettes at the Hormel Center has been subject to a misinformation campaign run by trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs) and far-right extremists. Pieces of the exhibit have been decontextualized and misrepresented in order to draw negative attention to both the Degenderettes and the San Francisco Public Library. The talk-back will feature moderation and steps will be taken to ensure the safety of attendees, but it is important for us to note that there may be greater attention on the event due to the above.


Transgender activists have done more that merely threaten their feminist critics with violence. Last year, 60-year-old Maria Maria MacLachlan was attacked by a transgender activist in London’s Hyde Park, an incident that made international headlines. More recently, British police have investigated “hate speech” accusations against feminists, including long-time lesbian activist Linda Bellos, who was “interviewed under caution” last month for remarks she made at a November event.





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