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The Profound Sadness of Christine Emba

Posted on | May 11, 2018 | 1 Comment

by Smitty

Don’t know who this lady is, but she excels at missing the point, emphasis mine:

But that doesn’t mean Peterson is harmless. At times, he leans into an oddly conspiratorial obsession with “neo-Marxist” liberal professors meaning to march us to the gulag via the gender equity in the classroom .?.?. or something. And his interpretations of certain principles — that “loving your neighbor as yourself” should be a utilitarian act, for instance — lend themselves all too well to the right-wing ideology that would pretend structural issues such as racism don’t exist and that people should, and must, care for themselves alone.

Peterson (and I may be personalizing his view too heavily here) seems to strongly reject the Postmodern lies, “gender equity” among them. Emba’s short piece, itself, is an example of Postmodern living in the present tense. JP’s best-seller can be seen as sad in the sense of a comment on a culture that has listened to too many of Emba’s ilk, driving the need to write it.

The Jordan Peterson phenomenon calls to mind recent research, from scholars such as Richard Reeves and Robert Putnam, about an America dividing into social haves and have-nots. There are those lucky few for whom these rules to an orderly, productive life are inculcated from youth. And there are the rest, left to scavenge meaning for themselves, who will have to rely on Jordan Peterson.

Orderly, productive lives are the result of ignoring dreck like “gender equity”.

Our culture is beset by false prophets who have preyed upon our good nature, and assumed that we’d meekly submit to Leftist tyranny. Sorry, Emba: 2008 did not fundamentally transform the United States of America to the extent you’d like. It’s too early to tell if the Trump election means that the political Pearl Harbor that was the Obama Administration has awakened the Sleeping Giant or not, but that giant is certainly rustling about. And we hope to make your sadness over the death of your Postmodern daydreams more profound.


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