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Death by Social Justice: Transgender Scammer ‘Chloe Sagal’ Commits Suicide

Posted on | June 22, 2018 | 1 Comment

BEFORE: John Paul Neumann (left); AFTER: ‘Chloe Sagal’ (right).

If you can’t afford mental health treatment and can’t pay your rent, but you can afford tattoos and transgender surgery, you’re not a victim of anything except your own bad judgment. Also, being a liar and a swindler probably won’t make you very popular. Such are the lessons to be learned from John Paul Neumann, a/k/a “Chloe Sagal,” who fraudulently claimed to be the victim of a traffic accident in order to raise tens of thousands of dollars for sex-change surgery, and committed suicide Tuesday by lighting himself/“herself” on fire in a public park:

A person set themself on fire Tuesday afternoon in a downtown Portland park across from the Multnomah County Courthouse after reading a manifesto about homelessness and mental health.
Witnesses gave conflicting statements about the gender of the person.
“It was just like those monks,” said Scot Baughman, who was sitting in a park bench shortly after the incident.
Baughman, a process server, was in the park at Southwest 4th Avenue and Main Street when the self-immolation occurred. He was the first person to attempt to put out the fire.
Donna Maxey, who was also in Lownsdale Square at the time, said she saw it unfold. She noticed a person enter the park, on crutches and barely able to walk, wearing a red scarf around their neck.
They “sat down and her papers were blowing away,” Maxey said. They “sat there for a while looking at [their] papers.”
The person “was reading a statement about homelessness and mental health issues,” Maxey said.
At that point, both Maxey and Baughman said, the person started to scream.
Then, said Maxey, they “got out a gallon bottle and poured what looked like dirty water over [their] head.
“I thought maybe [they were] really hot,” Maxey said. “All of a sudden I saw blue lighter.”
Baughman was walking through the park, he said, when the victim “stood up, completely engulfed in flame.
He said his first impulse was to take a picture, but instead he ran to the person, took his shirt off and used it to try to stop the flames.
But, said Baughman, the flames “would just not go out.”
Maxey said another woman called 911.
As Baughman tried to put the fire out, a sheriff arrived to help. But the person’s head was still on fire.
“Finally, they came over with a fire extinguisher,” Baughman said, and were able to put the flames out.

Neumman/“Sagal” was a 30-ish videogame developer, originally from Illinois, whose mental illness was manifested in serious antisocial behavior. At some point, it seems, Neumman/“Sagal” ran a failed startup that left employees unpaid and wrecked Neumman’s/“Sagal’s” credit rating. In 2013, Neumman/“Sagal” launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding scam. Claiming that a near-fatal auto accident had left toxic metal embedded in his/“her” body, resulting in chronic pain, Neumman/“Sagal” said he/“she” needed $30,000 for a “life saving surgery.” But there was no accident and no toxic metal; Neumman/“Sagal” used the money for sex-change surgery.

A videogame industry journalist named Allistair Pinsof discovered the deception, but Neumman/“Sagal” threatened to commit suicide if he reported the story. Pinsof consulted with his editors, who were hesitant to go with the story, and Pinsof ultimately decided to go public with the truth on his own social-media account. Pinsof was fired and blacklisted by the videogame journalism industry, accused of wrongfully “outing” a transgender person, for reporting the truth about someone perpetrating online fraud. This was one of the scandals that preceded the #GamerGate controversy, involving so-called “social justice warriors” (SJWs) colluding with journalists to distort coverage of the videogame industry.

Good luck finding a straightforward account of who Neumman/“Sagal” actually was, and what he/“she” actually did, in any mainstream news venue. This was the point of #GamerGate after all — videogame journalism had become so corrupted by its devotion to “social justice” issues that it was impossible to get the truth from them.

Most of what I know about Neumman/“Sagal” is culled from online forums like Kiwi Farms, and it’s genuinely sad that “professional” reporters would rather ignore the facts than to report them, if the facts contradict the preferred “social justice” narrative.

What do we know about transgenderism that might be relevant to this story? Well, if all you know is what you get from the mainstream media, you probably aren’t aware that gender dysphoria has a high rate of co-morbidity with serious mental illnesses, including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and various personality disorders.

To put it as bluntly as possible, these people are crazy and, as I keep reminding readers, Crazy People Are Dangerous.

Neumman/“Sagal” had threatened or attempted suicide multiple times before. He/“she” had been committed to psychiatric hospitals for observation, but kept getting turned loose, and his/“her” antisocial behavior alienated anyone who tried to help him/“her.” A commenter on Kiwi Farms who had followed the situation summarized the problem:

Chloe had serious psychiatric problems and constantly pushed away both friends and family who tried to help her. While the things she did were both personally and morally abhorrent, she falls into a category of someone who was legitimately unwell and needed far more care and support than I think many realized, made more tragic by the fact that Chloe was never going to seek that herself. . . .
By this time last year, Sagal had burned almost every bridge I’m aware of. Even people who legitimately cared about her got pushed aside and/or abandoned by her for slights both real and imagined. For a long time, she’s been utterly and completely alone, solely through her own actions, and ultimately, there was no way out of that. . . .
She was a legitimately skilled game designer and if she had managed to vanquish her personal demons better, she’d likely have had a very bright career in that regard. The rub, of course, is that Chloe never had any intention to try. . . .
Victimhood can devastate the capabilities of even the most competent and intelligent person, but victimhood paired with psychological illness can completely destroy lives. In Chloe’s case it became a horrifying self-fulfilling prophecy, destroying her relationships, undermining her career, and leaving her vulnerable to being manipulated by s–theads.

And the “s–theads,” in this case, were SJWs whose only interest in Neumman/“Sagal” was using him/“her” as a weapon to attack their enemies, to make accusations of “transphobia” against anyone who reported honestly about Neumman/“Sagal” and his/“her” scams. Once he/“she” ceased to be useful for that purpose, and once his/“her” craziness caused problems for the SJWs, Neumman/“Sagal” was discarded like a used condom, and videogame journalists pretended they never heard of him/“her.” It doesn’t fit the SJW narrative, you see, when the person you’ve depicted as an innocent victim of “hate” turns out to be an antisocial nutjob who needs to be permanently institutionalized.

Remember Jackson Mosher, a/k/a “Gwynevere River Song,” the mentally ill transgender atheist who was shot to death after attacking his/“her” father with a knife? It’s not as if there were no warning signs that Mosher was dangerous, considering his/“her” reaction to the 2016 election.


You can’t cure insanity with hormone injections or sex-change surgery and, by requiring us to pretend that we don’t know this, political correctness is quite literally killing people.




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