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Media Publishes SJW Lies About Violent Transgender Psycho’s Public Suicide

Posted on | June 23, 2018 | 1 Comment

BEFORE: John Paul Neumann (left); AFTER: ‘Chloe Sagal’ (right).

Just a quick follow-up on the suicide of John Paul Neumann, a/k/a “Chloe Sagal,” who lit himself/“herself” on fire Tuesday in a public park in downtown Portland, Oregon. Recall that Neumann/“Sagal,” a freelance videogame developer, had already wrecked his/“her” personal finances by trying to launch a startup that went bust before the 2013 incident in which Neumann/“Sagal” falsely claimed to be the victim of an auto accident in order to scam money for sex-change surgery on IndieGoGo. A reporter named Allistair Pinsof was fired from his job, and blacklisted by fellow videogame journalists, because he reported the truth about Neumann’s/“Sagal’s” scam. This was one of the scandals that preceded the 2014 #GamerGate controversy, and showed how so-called “social justice warriors” (SJWs) were helping distort coverage of the videogame industry. What the SJWs did, you see, was to portray Neumann/“Sagal” as a victim of “transphobia,” and to accuse Pinsof of “harassment” simply for telling the truth about a fraudulent misuse of online fundraising by a member of the game-development community.

“Chloe Sagal” was not a victim of wrongdoing, he/“she” was a perpetrator, and the SJWs can’t erase that truth, although they have spent the past five years trying to do so, by demonizing the people who blew the whistle on a deranged liar’s shabby scam. You cannot excuse what Neumann/“Sagal” did by saying he/“she” was mentally ill and therefore not responsible for his/“her” actions, because that might then encourage other crazy people to imitate his/“her” wrongdoing.

Crazy People Are Dangerous, as I keep saying, and we aren’t “helping” the mentally ill by pretending that someone who created an elaborate online fraud didn’t know that what they were doing was wrong. Still less are we “helping” crazy people by claiming that anybody who calls attention to their craziness is engaged in “harassment.”

Suppose, for example, that your neighbor is going through a stressful situation — he lost his job, his wife left him, whatever. One day you drop in to check on him, and find him snorting meth and jabbering incoherently about the Bavarian Illuminati. Is it wrong to call 911? No, and what happens if you find out this person has created an online fundraiser telling people he needs money to help orphans in Uganda, but he’s actually spending the proceeds to supply his meth habit? Are you guilty of “harassment” if you warn people not to donate? No.

That, in a nutshell, is what’s wrong with the way SJWs tried to depict Neumann/“Sagal” as a victim and smear Pinsof for “transphobia.” You might think that the suicide of Neumann/“Sagal” would cause people to stop trying to exploit his/“her” story as a “social justice” narrative, but there is no bottom limit to how low SJWs will go. They started emailing the reporter for the Oregonian who reported on Tuesday’s suicide, and she followed up with a story reflecting the SJW victimhood narrative:

Sagal was a game developer and artist who struggled with mental illness for many years. Her friends say she loved dogs, forged authentic weapons and made haunting music when she was able to. They say she was proud of her Romani heritage and an active socialist.
They also say she was the target of an online bullying campaign that derailed her. . . .

(No, damn it, Neumann/“Sagal” was clearly “derailed” long before 2013, and how many people of “Romani heritage” are named “Neumann”?)

And in 2013, Sagal, a transgender woman, became the target of hate mob Kiwi Farms, an online group New Yorker magazine described as “the web’s biggest community of stalkers” that “specializes in harassing people they perceive as being mentally ill or sexually deviant in some way.”

(Look, there are untold millions of mentally ill and/or sexually deviant people who never get noticed on Kiwi Farms, which only pays attention to people whose online behavior makes them a nuisance. There must be a demonstrable pattern of such behavior for someone to gain notoriety as a “Lolcow” in the KF discussion forums, which have in some cases done valuable work in helping expose sexual predators online. To dismiss KF as a “hate mob,” in order to depict Neumann/“Sagal” as a victim, is just dishonest.)

The harassment began after it was revealed a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for Sagal to deal with metal poisoning was actually raising money for her gender surgery.
Friends say Kiwi Farms followers harassed her on a variety of platforms.

(Telling the truth is “harassment”? Welcome to 2018. Words mean nothing.)

A friend who chose not to give his name, fearing repercussions from Kiwi Farms, said her livelihood and mental stability were destroyed by the attacks.
Suicide, said Sagal’s friend Jasmine Barlow, “was constantly on her mind. She even attempted once live on streaming video. It was a constant shadow over her art.”
“One factor that made it much harder for her to get help was that whenever she talked about suicide,” Luxton said, Kiwi Farms members “would report her Facebook page and get it locked down. This had happened multiple times in the month prior to her death.”

All right, enough of the italics fisking mode. You see how this reporter repeats the claims about “attacks” and “harassment” as the cause of the problems experienced by Neumann/“Sagal,” when in fact he/“she” was experiencing consequences of his/“her” own deranged behavior. Nobody would have paid attention to Neumann/“Sagal” had it not been for his/“her” 2013 fundraising scam (and SJWs blacklisting Allistair Pinsof), but having become notorious, Neumann/“Sagal” then continued his/“her” bizarre online antics. Notice how Luxton dishonestly claims it was “harassment” for KF members to report Neumann’s/“Sagal’s” Facebook suicide threats. If someone is publicly threatening to kill themselves, should witnesses do nothing? But in the upside-down logic of “social justice,” lunatics must be permitted to engage in whatever dangerous behavior might occur to their disordered minds, and sane people are guilty of “harassment” if they say anything about it.

So (the sane man says, after smoking a cigarette while struggling to restrain his righteous indignation), the Oregonian reports this:

Several days before, on Saturday [June 16], police had taken her into custody after responding to a report that she wanted to harm herself.
She had a machete when officers arrived, but they defused the situation, according to Sgt. Chris Burley, Portland Police Bureau spokesman.
The police report for Saturday’s incident has not been released, but Burley said Sagal was taken by ambulance to Unity Center for Behavioral Health. . . .
Luxton, who spoke to Sagal on Monday over the phone, said Sagal “spent two days sitting in triage at the Unity Center; she was never properly hospitalized.”
When she was released, Sagal apparently had nowhere to go. The people who had been letting her live with them since March had decided they could no longer take care of her. . . .

(Yeah, start waving a machete around until the cops show up, and you might not be welcomed back after your stay in the psych ward.)

Friends say she was autistic, had physical difficulties, and struggled with mental illness. . . .
Monday was the last day many of her friends heard from her. She spoke with several friends and left two notes at the house where she had been staying.
One of those notes, the text of which was sent to The Oregonian/OregonLive, appears to be a suicide note.
“Whoever needs my van and the things in it should have it,” the note reads. “It’s parked around the corner … the keys are in the mailbox and the title is in the van.”
“My death cannot be silent,” it continues. “It has to be loud and political. My entire life, my experience, my education has led up to this moment. I can only expect trauma and death from my existence.”

Live like an autistic Lolcow, die like an autistic Lolcow.

Remember the movie Rainman, with Dustin Hoffman as the autistic? Remember how he was portrayed as harmless and lovable? If you were remaking that movie today, the autistic character wouldn’t be institutionalized, instead he’d be blabbering deranged nonsense all over the Internet — Tumblr, YouTube, Twitter — and making accusations of “harassment” if anybody said, “Hey, this dude’s some kind of wacko.”

(Hey, whatever happened to Bill Schmalfeldt, anyway?)

You don’t need a Ph.D. in psychology to know Crazy People Are Dangerous, and trying to invert the moral order by scapegoating sane people for calling out craziness when they see it isn’t “social justice,” it’s just a political “gotcha” game played by irresponsible people who want to make excuses for their own failure to do the right thing.

If your autistic son moves to Portland, starts calling himself “Chloe,” scams $30,000 for a sex-change operation and repeatedly threatens suicide, SJWs will find a way to blame the “hate mob” at Kiwi Farms, and then convince a reporter to pretend this is a story about “harassment.” If instead you think it’s a story about SJWs encouraging vulnerable people to indulge in deviant and irresponsible behavior, you’ll be accused of “hate” for sharing your opinion. Sanity must be silenced, so the lunatics can run the asylum. Until they light themselves on fire.

R.I.P., “Chloe Sagal.”



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