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The Worst People in the World Are in Charge of Our Public Education System

Posted on | June 28, 2018 | Comments Off on The Worst People in the World Are in Charge of Our Public Education System

Recent news from the Department of Stupidity and Corruption:

Lest you thought we were finished with tales of unfathomable incompetence on the part of Broward County, Florida, authority figures, consider this: The first Marjory Stoneman Douglas security guard who spotted Nikolas Cruz on campus and took no action to detain him was previously suspended for sexually harassing students.
Due to his inaction during the shooting, Andrew Medina was initially reassigned to an administrative position elsewhere in the Broward County school system. But on Tuesday, the superintendent finally decided to terminate his employment.
Medina worked as an unarmed security guard at Stoneman Douglas. In 2017, a disciplinary panel recommended that he be fired for sexually harassing two female students. (One of those students, Meadow Pollack, was later killed in the shooting.) But school officials decided to suspend Medina for three days instead, according to CBS News.
On the day of the shooting, Medina was the first school official to spot Cruz — who was no longer welcome at the school, and known to be a threat. He did not confront Cruz, and apparently failed to realize that Cruz was armed. He took no action, other than radioing another unarmed security guard, David Taylor, to inform him that Cruz was headed his way. When the shooting started, Taylor hid in a janitor’s closet, according to The Sun Sentinel. He was initially reassigned as well, but has now been fired.
Unlike School Resource Officer Scot Peterson — who also proved to be incompetent — neither Medina nor Taylor were armed. But if Medina wasn’t aware that Cruz was armed, he should have pursued him. If he was aware, but was afraid to approach, at the very least he should have made a “code red” call. He did not.

This incompetent “security monitor” is 39 years old:

According to records obtained by the South Florida SunSentinel, Medina, who is also an assistant baseball coach, asked one girl to go on a date and another said he made lewd comments to her and said he wanted to visit her at work. Broward County Schools investigators say one of the students’ stories was corroborated by surveillance video of Medina approaching her in a hallway on Feb. 16, 2017.
According to [Meadow’s father] Andrew and [her brother] Hunter Pollack, Meadow was one of the girls. They said Medina would call Meadow, then 17, “beautiful and sweetheart,” making her uncomfortable. They say that when her boyfriend confronted Medina, Medina threatened him. Meadow and her mother then reported Medina, they said.
Hunter Pollack said the other girl told him Medina made comments about her body and invited her over to his house for drinks.
“If I knew at the time, he would have been fired right away,” Hunter Pollack told CBS Miami. “It’s very unacceptable that the school board allowed this pervert to say stuff to my sister and other girls.”

Yeah, you’re a 39-year-old guy hired to protect kids at a high school, and instead you’re making moves on 17-year-old girls. When the girls complain, the school system only gives you a three-day suspension and then you don’t bother calling cops when a notorious psycho shows up on campus and kills everybody. Public education is so excellent!

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