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John Hawkins and Self-Inflicted Wounds

Posted on | July 24, 2018 | Comments Off on John Hawkins and Self-Inflicted Wounds

by Smitty

Hawkins brings us “5 Ugly Truths About Women That Young Men Need to Recognize“, and the operator is “young”. You should read the whole thing, lads, but focus on growing up ahead of, rather than through, such self-inflicted wounds.

Let’s review:
1. Beauty fades
It transitions, certainly. but I have seen plenty of women continue to glow right on through wrinkles and grey hair. And it’s not about getting work done and war paint. It’s about taking care of themselves and NOT comparing themselves to the cover of Cosmo.
Men are grey/fat/balding/falling apart, too. Get over it.

2. After your relationship ends, you may be surprised at the ruthless treatment you get
OK, I lived this one. And all I can say is: keep your distance until marriage. The advice I currently give to the young men is to hang out, and have a blast IN THE CHURCH GROUP. There’s nothing perfect about anyone, but what a great noise filter the group can be to keep the actual fun high, and stress low.

Hawkins goes on to explore status, stability, and hatred of weakness. Read the whole thing.

I just don’t think you can make any useful generalizations along those lines. What we’re really discussing here is maturity. While I think I perhaps waited too long to settle down, the key is to ensure that one is morally and mentally mature before getting to the point of committment.

Because that’s what’s at stake: the seriousness with which the marital oath is taken. Now, obviously, skipping out on that oath does not preclude becoming President [Bill Clinton joke goes here].

But you know what’s more important that being POTUS? Having joy under the sun. Avoiding stress. Knowing that, no matter what Southern Poverty Law Center says, you’re an honorable man.


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