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No, America, @JessicaValenti Doesn’t Want to Help Your Sons, She Hates Them

Posted on | July 28, 2018 | 1 Comment


It is difficult to exaggerate the evil of Jessica Valenti. Her “feminism” is, on the one hand, mostly partisan cheerleading for Democrats and, on the other hand, an excuse for her own destructive anti-social tendencies. Her recent memoir, Sex Object, is a “vengeful diatribe against heterosexual men,” including her own husband, Andrew Golis.

“Every time I see a dirty cup on the kitchen counter, my face gets red. The level of disrespect feels . . . as if Andrew has hopped on the counter, pulled down his pants, and taken a shit there for me to clean up. My husband is lovely. He is a feminist. . . .
“Our default mood is low-level annoyance toward each other with a propensity to turn into full-blown rage at the smallest thing. . . .
“I feel like I might hate him and I suspect he feels the same.”

Jessica Valenti, 2016

One might pity Mr. Golis, except for the fact that he’s a Harvard-educated elitist who works for the left-wing anti-American site Vox, so he deserves whatever misery his feminist wife inflicts on him.


Considering her hatred of men, and that her chief interest in children is celebrating abortion — killing babies before they are born — do Americans want Ms. Valenti’s advice on how to raise our sons?

Whether it’s misogynist terrorism, the rash of young men feeling sexually entitled to women or the persistent stereotype of “real men” as powerful and violent, it’s never been clearer that American boys are in desperate need of intervention. . . .
Feminist ideas can help men — be it the rejection of expectations that men be strong and stoic or ending the silence around male victims of sexual violence. But boys also need the same kind of culture we created for girls. . . .

You can read the rest of that worthless screed, which includes a dishonest attack on Professor Jordan Peterson. Consider the alternative to raising boys to be “strong and stoic.” Ms. Valenti seems to imagine that what America needs is more weak and whiny men (like her husband).

Having raised four sons — two of whom are already married with children of their own — I don’t need any advice from Ms. Valenti. If she wanted to have sons, maybe she shouldn’t have had two abortions, but as it is, she should stop telling the rest of us how to raise our sons.

Jessica Valenti is dishonest in pretending she wants to “help” boys. She hates your sons. She wants them to be as miserable as she is. Her ideas about “intervention” — a “feminist culture for boys” — are simply about teaching boys to cooperate in their own destruction.

How to Argue With a Feminist
Rule One: Never argue with a feminist.
This is the only rule you need. There is no point trying to persuade a feminist that she’s wrong. If she were intellectually honest (and thus capable of admitting error) she would not be a feminist.
Because feminists never argue in good faith, nothing is to be gained by engaging in a back-and-forth discussion with them. . . .
Feminists are essentially sociopaths. The feminist’s characteristic traits are selfishness, dishonesty, and cruelty. She lacks the capacity for empathy, she will tell any lie which suits her purpose, and the raison d’être of her career is to inflict the maximum damage on males.

By the way, tonight at 7 p.m. ET, I’ll be hosting The Other Podcast with John Hoge, and we might discuss this among other timely topics.



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