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The Communist Conspiracy to Destroy America Was Real, and Continues

Posted on | August 4, 2018 | 1 Comment

“The weaknesses of the capitalistic world which we can use are its insuperable antagonisms — antagonisms which dominate the whole international situation.”
Josef Stalin

Alan Stang, who died in 2009, was a journalist and public speaker who became associated with the John Birch Society. In 1965, Stang published a book entitled It’s Very Simple: The True Story Of Civil Rights.

About 25 years ago, in a used bookstore, I picked up a copy of It’s Very Simple for 50 cents and was struck by its argument — supported by extensive documentation — that the civil-rights movement in the United States was part of the Communist conspiracy to destroy America. Now, I suppose that any educated young person reading Stang’s old book today would dismiss it as “racist,” and laugh at the idea of a Communist conspiracy, even while the same young person would give credence to the idea that Russia “hacked” the 2016 election. However, I would urge such a reader to purchase Stang’s book (used copies are available for as little as $7 on Amazon) and examine the arguments and evidence he offers.

It’s Very Simple makes two basic points:

  1. That racial conflicts in the United States were unnecessary, but were being incited to divide and weaken the country;
  2. This subversive activity was being fomented and exploited by agents of the Soviet Union as part of a larger international strategy for worldwide Communist domination.

Crazy? Yeah, almost as crazy as thinking a handful of GRU agents could have decisively influenced the presidential election.

We have abundant proof, of course, that Communists (e.g., Alger Hiss) were actively engaged in a conspiracy to subvert the U.S. government, and we know that during the Cold War, America was targeted by Soviet propaganda and disinformation operations. It is also a fact of history that Communists were active in the civil-rights movement; J. Edgar Hoover didn’t just invent Stanley Levison and Jack O’Dell.

All of this, however, is preamble to my point that Communism did not cease to exist as an idea when the Soviet Union collapsed. Communism, in one form or another, is promoted on American university campuses, by left-wing media organizations, and by Democrat politicians. And what is nowadays called “identity politics” is a legacy of Cold War-era Soviet strategy of exacerbating the “weaknesses” and “antagonisms” which Stalin saw as the means of fomenting worldwide revolution.

The vast majority of Americans do not spend their days brooding about race and gender, or arguing about “social justice.” Most Americans don’t care about politics except at election time, and still less do they view their lives in “intersectional” terms of oppression and privilege. In other words, ordinary Americans just live their lives — working to pay their bills, raising their kids, watching TV — without giving any thought to racism or sexism or anything else that concerns the “educated left wing elite,” to use Sarah Jeong’s description of herself. There would be no real racial conflict in America, were it not for activists who foment division among us. These activists want to destroy America.

You don’t have to believe this is a conspiracy to see how it operates. Those we now commonly call “social justice warriors” are, for the most part, amateurs who have been indoctrinated by professional activists to believe a crypto-Marxist ideology wherein the world is a zero-sum-game where success is a function of privilege and failure is explained as a result of oppression. To crusade on behalf of the victims of oppression — racial minorities, women, homosexuals — is therefore a sort of missionary project, a duty of the True Believer. This is why you get so many white people running around pointing the finger of blame at other white people: “RAAAAACIST!” This doesn’t actually benefit black people, but it makes the white SJW feel better about himself. And the more people spend their time attacking each other over bogus accusations like this, the more our society becomes weakened and divided.

UCLA is paying 18 students $13/hour to combat “social injustices” and “privilege and oppression” on campus, shelling out up to $42,000 per year for the program. The “Diversity Peer Leaders” program is funded through the school’s mandatory “Student Services Fee,” to which each student contributes $1,128 every academic year.

What tangible benefit can this possibly achieve? Isn’t the purpose of a university to prepare young people for adult life? Aren’t they supposed to be gaining useful skills and knowledge to enable them to participate effectively in the workplace? To earn a living and support their families?

By diverting resources away from useful educational activity in order to fund “social justice” activism, universities are undermining the economic basis of our society. Why? To destroy America.

When kids waste four years, amassing unsustainable student loan debt, to acquire diplomas that don’t actually qualify them for anything productive or useful to society, this damages our society as a whole. The annual cost of attending UCLA for in-state students is $28,697, including room and board, and what are they learning? To become neo-Stalinist commissars of political correctness? How does that benefit society?

What does UCLA’s Gender Studies program produce except a supply of credentialed ideologues who make life miserable for the rest of us? Such programs are a waste of time and money, a diversion of resources from productive activity, permanently warping the minds of students.

If Putin wants to sabotage American democracy, he could do nothing better than what UCLA and other elite universities are doing.




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