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Who’s Up For A Tall, Cold ICE #TeaParty?

Posted on | September 7, 2018 | Comments Off on Who’s Up For A Tall, Cold ICE #TeaParty?

by Smitty


It’s time to get out your Tea Party moxy and tell the Left to return its shock troops to the Central American crevice from which they crawled forth.

Via the Corey Stewart campaign site:

We’re rallying to support ICE on Saturday, September 15th, at 6 PM outside ICE headquarters in Fairfax.

The brave men and women who protect us from dangerous criminal illegal aliens are being attacked by the far-left. It’s time we show our support for the members of ICE, who put themselves in harm’s way to keep our communities safe.

These are the SAME headquarters the radical left went to, to attack members of ICE for doing their jobs.

Tim Kaine joined a rally to “abolish ICE” on June 30th in Richmond. Kaine’s liberal stance on ICE is DANGEROUS.

Join us on Saturday, September 15th, at 6 PM at 2675 in Fairfax!

Rally to Support ICE
Fairfax ICE HQ
2675 Prosperity Ave
Fairfax, VA 22031
September 15th, at 6 PM
RSVP WebsiteRSVP Facebook

In Prince William County, Corey passed the nation’s toughest crackdown on illegal immigration and by doing this, over 8,000 criminal illegal aliens were turned over to ICE for deportation, reducing the crime rate by 48.7% in 2-years!

Once elected Senator, Corey will sponsor a bill to ensure all states & localities work with ICE to deport CRIMINAL illegal aliens. 

If you’re unable to attend, please consider donating $10, $25, $50, or even $100 to help us stay on the road fighting to defeat Tim Kaine. 

For Virginia, 

Team Corey

“We must secure our borders, BUILD THE WALL, end birthright citizenship, defund so-called ‘sanctuary cities’, and ensure not one penny of taxpayer money goes to welfare for those who entered our country illegally.” – Corey


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