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The Twitter Necropolis

Posted on | November 27, 2018 | Comments Off on The Twitter Necropolis

by Smitty

Amon Goeth from Schindler's List

This is not @jack, suspenders alluding to some perceived
personal superiority, gazing down upon the masses
of Twitter with Olympian disdain.

Social media in general, and Twitter in particular, seem to have gone sideways of late. People tending to be on the right politically just seem to get whisked off to the cornfield. Stacy McCain’s largish account got whacked some time ago, though he still tweets on. Alex Jones, of course (never a fan) has been banned. Laura Loomer was busted, apparently, for being insufficiently down with Sharia Law and its proponents. Jesse Kelly’s ejection was enough to trigger Instapundit to deactivate his account in what I guess is a “autocornfieldification”.

I myself have felt that “somebody” is squelching my tweets for years. (It’s entirely possible that my stylings have alienated enough people that it’s all just so much muting.) My tweet activity has fallen off by about 50%. And I really don’t care. Schoolwork should be a higher priority anyway.

This morning it occurred to me that the Lefty Social Dystopia (LSD) crowd don’t really care much about any of us pipsqueak conservatives on our own. These cornfieldian whiskings are really just placeholders for the one person that they just can’t blow away, no matter how much testosterone collects in the the Ban Finger: @realDonaldTrump.

That’s right. Social Media was a fine means of tightening Progressive control of our society until DJT started to use it to bypass the Fourth Estate. Policies are mostly musical chairs; you can watch pretty much every Congresscritter argue with themselves over time on YouTube on a host of issues. But you let someone like Trump bypass the chain of command and treat social media like a fireside chat, and blaspheme the Fourth Estate while doing it, and all Portland breaks loose.

I wish I could tell where all of this ends up. The future is overcast, with some serious thunderheads rolling in. Trump ought to be cruising to a strong re-election showing. But the pointy-bearded Lefty overlords seem prepared to pull a Reverse Sherman, and just burn the whole country down, like Stacy Abrams in Georgia, instead of letting our Constitution just be itself.

Further, what we do after Trump is a vast unknown. He’s truly an American original, and nobody has any business trying to emulate him. To borrow an Instapunditism “We can do worse, and probably will.”


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