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[AykroydVoice] Jonah, You Ignorant (Something Like ‘Unrecoverable Twit’) [/AykroydVoice]

Posted on | December 26, 2018 | Comments Off on [AykroydVoice] Jonah, You Ignorant (Something Like ‘Unrecoverable Twit’) [/AykroydVoice]

by Smitty

In defense of Goldberg, he’s writing for the LA Times, so the readers want to hear Yet Another Trump-is-the-wurst Spleen Dump. “The Trump presidency will end poorly because character is destiny.

Step back and face the broader problem, Jonah: our government seems to stagger from crisis to crisis, with everything hinging on just one hero/villain, is THE issue.

We’ve seen it in the last week, where suddenly Mattis became the lone dude holding everything together.

Donald Trump is not cuckoo for cocoa-puffs. Pretty much every character assessment of him thus far has been R. O. N. N. G. G. Ronngg! Maddening and mercurial he may be; and perhaps NOT the purported 7-dimensional chess genius of his fanbois: but he’s playing the game his way.
He seems to be thriving in the conflict. Maybe just shutting up and letting him go would be the best way to get him to implode. That is the goal, correct? Is it not the case that the will of the voters only matters when congruent with the will of our Progressive Overlords?
Why don’t we focus on trimming the executive? Has anybody noticed that the actual, documented Constitutional components of the government are at least viewed as legitimate, if not loved? Aren’t the real bones we have to pick the ones coming from the scope creep of the last century?
Time for a Convention of States. If we are actually bothered by Trump, why not make a substantive change? Or, maybe we just want something to whine about in the newspaper column.


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