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The “Character” Issue II: More Personality

Posted on | January 5, 2019 | Comments Off on The “Character” Issue II: More Personality

by Smitty

I’d linked both Jonah Goldberg and Roger Kimball the other day, coming as they did when the

. . .carefully constructed, pre-planned, pre-scheduled, and pre-organized public op-ed by incoming Senator Mitt Romney was deployed in the Washington Post… for those who have watched McConnell work; we knew exactly who orchestrated it and why.

Senator Romney will be one (not the only) visible face of the opposition. However, just like former Senator Corker and current Senator Sasse, the instructions (direct and indirect), and/or the approvals, will come from Leader McConnell’s office.

Through his power structure McConnell directly controls about 8 to 15 republican senators; we have called them “The Decepticons” for years. [Cornyn, Thune, Porter, Blunt, Portman, Burr, Barasso, Crapo, Murkowski, Gardner, Roberts, Sasse, Tillis, Graham and now Romney]

McConnell needed to test Romney’s commitment to the Decepticon club. Romney passed the test. Romney was rewarded with placement on the Senate Foreign Relations committee. Those Senators who sit on this committee get the most financial benefit from foreign lobbying. To understand the financial process think: Qatar & McCain Institute etc.

I’d fall well short of saying the NRO is directly related to any orchestrated campaign to undermine the POTUS. The NRO certainly was opposed to the piece of work that preceded Trump.

But Jonah continues to insist that

the transactional defense of Donald Trump is intellectually defensible.

No amount of pragmatic, real-world regulatory, economic, or foreign policy evidence can mitigate the need to remove Trump due to his penchant for “clutching the kitty”:

And then Jonah tries to walk the idealism that fuels his posts back just a little:

But I can’t object to the logic of someone who says, “Yeah, I know Trump is crude and a boor, but I like what he’s getting done.”

Roger Kimball has the far better argument, in my opinion.

The status quo is the nutrient jelly in which [conservatives] live. They may criticize it. But they would not dream of changing it.

It is in this context—the context of Hillary Clinton as the only alternative to Donald Trump and the existential peril that Anton outlined—that we must place any meaningful discussion of Trump’s character.

Restated, Goldberg’s punditry borders on an academic detachment from any real-world context for his arguments. Somewhere out where “all have sinned, and come short of the Glory of God” we cannot refute Jonah. Trump himself allows that he’s never had a beer, and that it’s one of his only good traits. In stark contrast with Pseudajawea, who quaffs a brew in an attempt to bridge the gap her impossibly curated political image to a distant planet Earth.

Dear @GOP Elite Weenies,

We’ve got a globalist Goliath threatening to devour our liberty. The homo bureaucratus infestation, culminating in Obama, is a future of ruin. We elected you wankers to repeal #ObamaCare. #YouHadOneJob. We’ve seen your value, and elected a specimen of homo Americanus to deal with you and your swampy breeding pit.

You keep tubing it at your peril, Republicans.


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