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Ah, The “Character” Issue

Posted on | January 1, 2019 | Comments Off on Ah, The “Character” Issue

by Smitty

Bruce Campbell’s political doppelgänger opened the pie hole in the WaPo.

One is instantly reminded why we didn’t really want this gasbag in 2012, and why his loss to #OccupiedResoluteDesk surprised no one outside of Utah:

The world needs American leadership, and it is in America’s interest to provide it. A world led by authoritarian regimes is a world — and an America — with less prosperity, less freedom, less peace.

To reassume our leadership in world politics, we must repair failings in our politics at home.

No mention whatsoever of Korea, USMCA, anything. I guess, other than running for the Senate, Mitt has been at choir practice the last two years or something.

Mitt is basically rehashing Jonah Goldberg’s recent handwringing. As I was saying on Twitter:

Willard Mitt,
A tedious git,
Who couldn’t quite deliver,
Then beat his feet,
To a Senate seat,
And showed the world he’s a “giver”.— I Came; I Saw; I Got Over Macho Grande (@smitty_one_each) January 2, 2019

In reply to His High-Minded-Principled-Failure, a pair of great articles have arrived at American Greatness that should be of help both to Jonah and Senator Milquetoast.

First, Victor Davis Hanson points out the exhaustion of our so-called “elite”:

In short, instead of being a meritocracy, they amount to a mediocracy, neither great nor awful, but mostly mediocre.

This mediocracy is akin to late 4th-century B.C. Athenian politicians, the last generation of the Roman Republic, the late 18th-century French aristocracy, or the British bipartisan elite of the mid-1930s—their reputations relying on the greater wisdom and accomplishment of an earlier generation, while they remain convinced that their own credentials and titles are synonymous with achievement, and clueless about radical political, economic, military, and social upheavals right under their noses.

Remember the “new normal”? Our economic czars had simply decided anemic economic growth was the best Americans could expect and that 3 percent annualized GDP growth was out of the realm of possibility. Big government incompetence combined with Wall Street buccaneerism had almost melted down the economy in 2008. Recent presidents had doubled the debt—twice.

Read the whole thing, especially where VDH points out the case the the mediocracy would need to make to unseat Trump. Yes, Mitt, he’s talking about your Pharisaic hide.

More Jonah- and Mitt-specific is Roger Kimball:

On the contrary, people supported him, first, because of what he promised to do and, second, because of what, over the past two years, he has accomplished. These accomplishments, from rolling back the regulatory state and scores of conservative judicial appointments, from moving our Israeli embassy to Jerusalem to resuscitating our military, working to end Obamacare, and fighting to keep our borders secure, are not morally neutral data points. They are evidences of a political vision and of promises made and kept. They are, in short, evidences of what sort of character Donald Trump is.

Personally, I Jonah is making the strongest possible argument he can honestly make while still getting paid for it. You can define “character” in a way that Barack Obama is a better President than Trump, because BHO only ever had one wife, never had tabloid headings about adultery, and is (apparently) a good father. As far as the media has reported it. This far: =>||<=.

Anybody who wants another Obama administration is likely to have another swing at one in 2020, when Michelle steps up to the plate. And, again, only a chump’s chump would really want Her Majesty in office, appointing foes as Ambassador to Arkanicidia. Don’t be a chump: support Trump.

But my answer to the whole “character” question is this:

What I think Voltaire and Rousseau miss, but we see in the Epistle of James, is that character & deed are related like velocity & position.

The sum of deeds over time is character; the derivative of character with respect to time is a specific deed.— I Came; I Saw; I Got Over Macho Grande (@smitty_one_each) December 30, 2018

via RedState,

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