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UCLA and the ‘Diversity’ Cult

Posted on | January 24, 2019 | Comments Off on UCLA and the ‘Diversity’ Cult

Mike LaChance at Legal Insurrection observes: “Diversity is higher education’s unofficial new religion and those who don’t demonstrate enough faith will be punished.” The University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) recently “began requiring all prospective faculty hires to fill out an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion statement, which involves applicants mentioning their past, present and future contributions to diversity and equity, which are then taken into account during the hiring process via a qualitative grading process.” And this was not enough to satisfy the Diversity Cult on campus, with the UCLA student newspaper demanding “actual solutions to reduce the barriers in higher education for members of underrepresented communities, such as bolstering hiring pipelines to bring in more qualified minority applicants.”

Apparently, there are too many white males on the UCLA faculty to satisfy the bloodthirsty cannibal tribe of Social Justice Warriors on campus, and what this student editorial is actually saying is: “WE DEMAND HIRING QUOTAS! We want the university to hire only ‘underrepresented’ minorities — always, for every position — and never mind their so-called ‘qualifications’! NO MORE WHITE MALES!”

This demand for a Caucasians-Not-Welcome hiring policy is the logical conclusion of “diversity.” Whites are already persona non grata at UCLA, comprising only 27% of the freshman class, which is 28% Asian, 22% Hispanic, 3% African-American and the rest being either mixed-race, international students or “other domestic.” Yet this dwindling minority of white UCLA students is the constant target of hateful rhetoric, accusing them of being racist oppressors merely for being white. The political climate at UCLA is decidedly anti-white, and this is never going to improve, but only get worse. As more white kids become aware of the discriminatory attitude at UCLA, they will avoid enrolling there and, as the percentage of whites on campus continues shrinking, the racial hatred toward them will intensify. That’s what this “diversity” editorial in the Daily Bruin actually signifies, and if any white parents in California were to ask my advice, I’d answer simply: “Get out.” Move to Colorado or Texas or anywhere else in the country, but if you care about your children, get the hell out of California at the earliest opportunity.




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