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VD Hanson’s “The Case For Trump” Part 1

Posted on | March 8, 2019 | Comments Off on VD Hanson’s “The Case For Trump” Part 1

by Smitty

On the short list of academics/intellectuals worthy of the title, Victor Davis Hanson looms large. His new outing, “The Case for Trump” is on my phone in the Kindle app, and I’ll be trying to read through a chapter a day and post about it.

Of course, I can’t claim to have foreseen Trump’s 2016 triumph in the slightest. I thought (as doubtless Her Majesty’s campaign did) that he’d be an easy mark, given his checkered past. Mitt Romney, hold the Ward Cleaver. But I am trapped in +20D Occupied Northern Virginia, so my non-grasp of the American pulse is blamed on the high concentration of oxygen theives clogging the roadways*.

Here are some tweets and quotations as I go through this wonderful book:

We need to get past the antiquated notion that there is any sort of rational dialog to be had with the Left. Like Joshua and Caleb working on the next stage of the mission, we’re simply going to have to outlive the generation of lunkheads whose minds have been polluted by the Left.

Pray for them; try to listen. But understand that Commie indoctrination has stunted their imaginations, and they may no longer be capable of understanding those “fact” thingies that we cherish so dearly.

*Is that pejorative?


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