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Competing Worldviews

Posted on | March 18, 2019 | Comments Off on Competing Worldviews

Conservatives face a tough fight
as Big Tech’s censorship expands

Donald Trump Jr., The Hill

The internet is radicalizing white men.
Big tech could be doing more

Alex Koppelman, CNN

Here’s a question: Do you think that censoring conservatives on the Internet will reduce extremist violence or increase it?

Much of what New Zealand mass-murderer Brenton Tarrant wrote about in his manifesto, “The Great Replacement,” echoed themes about demographic trends in, for example, Mark Steyn’s America Alone. The difference is that Steyn advocates public policy changes to address these problems, whereas Tarrant engaged in terroristic violence. Conservatives are against terroristic violence, and it is absurdly false to suggest that all critics of mass immigration are complicit in Tarrant’s criminal deeds.

Alex Koppelman now professes to be concerned that online discussions are “radicalizing white men,” but CNN didn’t show much concern when its coverage provoked riots in Ferguson, Missouri. Radicalizing black men — like the gunman who opened fire on cops in Dallas — is evidently acceptable to Alex Koppelman, because he expects that such radicalism will benefit the Democrat Party. It’s only the possible radicalism of white men that concerns him, for some reason. Nobody at CNN advocates censorship of the anti-white rhetoric of Sarah Jeong or the anti-Jewish rhetoric of Ilhan Omar, but this lone gunman’s massacre in New Zealand inspires CNN to demand a “Big Tech” crackdown on white men.

It’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you.



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