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Democrats Are Self-Destructing

Posted on | April 3, 2019 | Comments Off on Democrats Are Self-Destructing


One of the things I can’t understand about #NeverTrump Republicans is how they fail to see the strategic wisdom of rallying in support of our unusually divisive President. The likes of Rick Wilson are so emotionally overwhelmed by their bourgeois revulsion toward Trump’s uncouth ways that they can’t step back and view the situation objectively. Democrats have been so discombobulated by their inability to beat Trump that they are committing unforced errors which make it increasingly likely Trump will be re-elected next year. Given that Ruth Bader Ginsburg probably won’t be alive in 2024, Trump’s re-election could mean a six-vote conservative majority on the Supreme Court, to say nothing of the other possible accomplishments in rolling back the liberal Welfare State regime. All this success for the Right is within reach, you see, because Trump in 2016 proved to be a candidate that Democrats couldn’t figure out a way to stop, and as president, he has continued to sow confusion in the ranks of his enemies. No matter how offensive he may be to the delicate sensibilities of Rick Wilson, et al., Trump nonetheless has an uncanny ability to throw the Democrats into disarray.

Consider the way identity politics intensified on the Left after Trump’s election. Jesse Singal calls attention to how the Democratic primary campaign has become a cannibalism festival, as exemplified by a feminist’s column at Slate that includes this remarkable passage:

After Democrats failed to win what looked like an easy general election for the country’s first major-party female presidential nominee in 2016, some progressives worried that Democratic voters would be too spooked — or too sexist — to nominate a woman again. Maybe Dems would be safer, some wondered, with a nice progressive white guy. But for many liberals, a return to the old pattern of putting forward white men in the mold of the disproportionate majority of American politicians would be a capitulation to American voters’ worst biases. In an era of rising white nationalism, escalating attacks on immigrants and reproductive justice, and a surge of women running for political office, a run-of-the-mill white male candidate doesn’t seem like the right face for the future of the Democratic Party.

The subject of that column is Pete Buttigieg, the gay mayor of South Bend, Indiana, who has surged in a recent Iowa poll.


Having seen Buttigieg speak during my trip to South Carolina, I can attest to his formidable political skills, and he has even drawn notice from Rush Limbaugh. It’s possible that Buttigieg would prove a difficult opponent for Trump, but the Slate writer Christina Cauterucci argues that it’s wrong for a white male to be the Democrat nominee and also, Buttigieg might not be gay enough for her:

From what I’ve seen, Buttigieg doesn’t seem terribly sold on the idea of gayness as a cultural framework, formative identity, or anything more than a category of sexual and romantic behavior. When he came out in a 2015 essay four years into his tenure as mayor, it was with some reluctance. “I’m not used to viewing this as anyone else’s business,” he wrote. “Being gay has had no bearing on my job performance in business, in the military, or in my current role as mayor.” . . .
To me, a queer woman, it seems hard to argue that the presidential run of this apotheosis of respectability politics is a major win for diversity. Buttigieg’s perception of queer sexuality as a not-sinful but ultimately unimportant distinction — “like having brown hair,” his coming-out essay said — doesn’t make him less gay. It does, however, put some distance between him and the queer communities he’s getting credit for being the first to represent. And if I’m being cynical (or just honest), it probably makes him more electable.

You see? “To me, a queer woman” — identity is everything on the Left, and the Trump presidency has pushed Democrats even further into the embrace of this madness than they were in 2016. This is why feminist vultures are now feasting on the corpse of Joe Biden’s reputation. Democrats are the anti-white, anti-male, anti-heterosexual party, and the newly-elected black lesbian mayor of Chicago is their future.

If you are a white heterosexual male, Democrats want you dead, a message they keep amplifying louder with each passing day.

Do they really think this message of hatred will win them back Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Iowa? If so, then Trump has succeeded in driving Democrats into the abyss of insanity.

“Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen . . .”



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