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Cody’s Excellent Fourth of July Plan

Posted on | June 24, 2019 | Comments Off on Cody’s Excellent Fourth of July Plan

It’s that time of year, when patriotic Americans have their garages stacked to the rafters with cases full of fireworks:


“Yeah, I know what you’re thinking — this has ‘divorce’ written all over it. . . . I did some math on this stuff, because we’ve got such a ridiculous quantity of fireworks here. So I did some math, and I found out that I have enough fireworks here that, if sold at retail value in the U.S.A., I could pay off all of my credit-card debt and the remaining loan on my pickup, and still have money left over to buy more fireworks.”

Nice you’ve got a sense of humor about it, Cody. Remind me some day to tell you the story about the time the ATF raided my house . . .



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