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Police Find Body of Mackenzie Lueck; Suspect’s Family Worries About Fair Trial

Posted on | July 5, 2019 | Comments Off on Police Find Body of Mackenzie Lueck; Suspect’s Family Worries About Fair Trial

Ayoola Ajayi (left) is accused of murdering Mackenzie Lueck (right).

When it was reported last week that charred “female tissue” had been found in suspect Ayoola Ajayi’s backyard, I thought her entire corpse had been incinerated, but now we learn more of the story:

The body of University of Utah student Mackenzie Lueck has been found in a canyon north of Salt Lake City, police said Friday.
Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown said in a news conference that he was “relieved and grief-stricken” to report that Lueck’s body was recovered Wednesday in Logan Canyon, about 90 miles north of Salt Lake City. Investigators were subsequently able to forensically confirm it was Lueck, Brown said.
The 23-year-old was last seen in the early morning hours of June 17 when she was dropped off at a park in North Salt Lake City. There, police have said, she met another individual and vanished.
Last Friday police arrested 31-year-old Ayoola Ajayi in connection to Lueck’s death and at the time said he was expected to be charged with aggravated murder , aggravated kidnapping, obstruction of justice and desecration of a body. He’s currently being held without bail.
Police said at that time they had searched Ajayi’s home and property. Neighbors told police they saw Ajayi using gasoline to burn something in his backyard on June 17 and 18, Brown said last week.
A subsequent search of the burn area yielded “several charred items that were consistent with personal items of Mackenzie Lueck,” Brown said.
Police also discovered charred material that was determined to be female human tissue consistent with Lueck’s DNA profile, he said.
Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill, who earlier this week was granted an extension to file charges against Ajayi, said at Friday’s news conference that his office would move forward with formally filing charges in the “early part of next week.”
The investigation, Gill stressed, remains ongoing.

Meanwhile, concerns about “RAAAAACISM!”

Family members of the man suspected of murdering Mackenzie Lueck said they don’t believe he will receive a fair trial in Utah.
Speaking from her office in New York, attorney Janet Fashakin said the presumption of innocence is a civil right in the United States and she questioned if Ayoola Ajayi will be entitled to that right if the trial takes place in Salt Lake City.
“AJ is being crucified already,” she said.
Fashakin said she got a call from Nigeria, where Ajayi’s mother has been reading news reports in disbelief.
“There is no way you can watch all this that`s being said about your loving son and you be able to be at peace,” said Fashakin.
She insisted the man the media has characterized is not her son.
“Mrs. Ajayi wants me to let you know that she has a good son. A very hardworking son at that. A son who cares about others,” said Fashakin.
The family is afraid judgments are being made based on a limited amount of evidence revealed by police. . . .
Fashakin believes Ajayi will not be able to receive a fair trial in Utah, at least in part due to his skin color.
“There is no way AJ can get a fair trial in Utah considering the racial disparity over there,” said Fashakin.

Remember, there are five A’s in “RAAAAACISM!”





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