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‘My Word as a Biden’

Posted on | August 31, 2019 | Comments Off on ‘My Word as a Biden’


The thing that gets me about Joe Biden’s latest spectacular gaffe — where he tried to tell a story about pinning a medal on a war hero and managed to get every fact wrong — is the part where he vouches for the truth of his story by saying, “my word as a Biden,” as if the Biden family name was synonymous with honesty. And everybody’s like, what?

Could someone go up to Joe’s hometown in Scranton and investigate whether the Biden family was considered especially trustworthy by the locals? Was the honesty of his ancestors so famous that people would say, “Well, he gave his word as a Biden, so it must be true”?

After the Washington Post called attention to Biden’s errors in this story, he defended himself by saying that the “central point” of his story — that American troops are heroically courageous — “was absolutely accurate,” as if his critics were arguing otherwise. But nobody has cast doubt on the courage of the soldier in the story, Army Staff Sgt. Chad Workman, so that Biden’s explanation is basically a straw-man argument.

In point of fact, Biden has a long history of being less than honest, but this gaffe wasn’t really a lie, it was just another example of “Sleepy Joe” becoming confused in public, as he has been doing more and more lately.

Even thought Biden continues to lead the Democratic nomination contest by double digits according to the Real Clear Politics average, his front-runner status is unlikely to endure if he continues to be a babbling idiot every time he speaks in public. The very fact that the Washington Post was willing to report on this incident shows that the pro-Democrat media are unwilling to play defense for the front-runner. Now that the Democrat debate field has been narrowed enough that the candidates can debate on a single stage, what happens when Biden finds himself on national TV flanked by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, with Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg also joining the “Get Joe” mob?

My hunch is that Biden will have a rough night in next month’s debate, and if the front-runner loses his front-runner status, what then?



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