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One Less Criminal on the Streets

Posted on | September 1, 2019 | 2 Comments


“Overkill is underrated,” says Jesse Kelly, commenting on video of an attempted robbery at a Metro PCS phone store in Philadelphia. The store had repeatedly been targeted by criminals in the past, but this time the clerk had a licensed firearm and was ready to use it. Video shows the robber walk in the door, pull a pistol and toss a bag on the counter. Then the robber turns to one side, apparently either to pull a mask over his face or to take his weapon off safety, but before he can do so, the clerk swiftly draws his own weapon and begins firing. The clerk doesn’t stop shooting until he has emptied the magazine, then he grabs his cell phone from the counter and leaves the store.


Officials say no charges will be filed against the clerk.

And there is one less criminal walking the streets of Philadelphia.

If you want to read more about armed self-defense, permit me to recommend the work of my good friend Robert A. Waters. He has written multiple books about such situations, including The Best Defense: True Stories of Intended Victims Who Defended Themselves with a Firearm, and his most recent book, co-authored with his son, Guns and Self-Defense: 23 Inspirational True Crime Stories of Survival with Firearms.



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