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She’s Crazy and Married to a Democrat

Posted on | September 9, 2019 | 1 Comment


But I repeat myself:

Democratic congressman Joe Cunningham’s wife is furious that their taxpayer-subsidized healthcare plan declined to pay for therapy sessions, according to a rant on an insurance bill she posted on Instagram.
The South Carolina Democrat is currently serving his first term in Congress, where members are given access to Obamacare “gold” plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield and are responsible for paying about a quarter of the premiums. The plan is apparently not good enough for his wife, Amanda Cunningham, who told her Instagram followers she would be urging her husband to do something about it.
“I’m gonna have a little bit of a rant here on social media because I think this is important,” she said on her Instagram story last week. “I’ve been going over my not-a-bill bill here from Blue Cross Blue Shield, and realizing that once again, all of my mental health therapy sessions are denied, in addition to all of our marriage counseling sessions.”
“It’s just mind-blowing to me that these basic well-known needs, that mental health is health care, are still being denied, that we’re still fighting for these absolutely basic things, it’s unbelievable to me,” she said.

Wait a minute, she’s getting “mental health therapy sessions” and also “marriage counseling sessions”? Does the name Eagleton ring a bell?

Never mind the coverage gaps in your health insurance plan, lady, you’ve just told the entire world that (a) the Congressman is married to a lunatic, and (b) your marriage is circling the toilet bowl.

Yeah, I understand that mentally-ill women are a crucial part of Democrat grassroots coalition, but having the congressman’s wife babbling insane nonsense on Instagram might not be a winning strategy in South Carolina’s 1st District, which was represented by Republicans since 1981. Trump won that district by double-digits in 2016, and Cunningham is likely to be a one-term fluke, especially once voters in the district realize that he’s married to a deranged woman who demands insurance coverage for her marriage counseling sessions.

By the way, Amanda met her husband when they were both working on a luxury yacht in 2011. She’s a yoga instructor.

(Hat-tip: Rollo Tomassi on Twitter.)



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