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Horror in Ohio: Pedophiles Raped Little Boys in ‘Satanic’ Videos, Police Say

Posted on | September 17, 2019 | Comments Off on Horror in Ohio: Pedophiles Raped Little Boys in ‘Satanic’ Videos, Police Say


Shocking beyond words:

Two alleged pedophiles have been charged with raping children in a case involving a depraved ‘sex room’ filled with satanic imagery and cameras. William Bustillos III, 25, was arrested in Lockland, Ohio on [Aug. 28] after police say he raped a five-year-old boy. His arrest came after police found hundreds of horrific pornographic images from Joseph Lee Suder’s cellphone. Suder, 36, is charged with raping a 7-year-old child on camera was arrested in Milford, Ohio earlier this month. Lockland police told Fox 19 that Suder supplied the boy to Bustillos, who is 360 pounds and ‘confessed in a recorded interview to photographing the minor, aged 5, for sexual gratification.’

More gruesome details:

Lockland police describe the case as the worst they’ve ever seen. They say they found the pornographic images, including child bestiality, on the suspects’ phones during rape investigations in Clermont and Hamilton counties. . . .
Bustillos indicated in an interview with police Wednesday he was sharing the pornography with others in the Cincinnati area, according to Lockland Police Sgt. Chris Lind.
“I’ve seen bad before but this was the absolute worst I’ve ever seen. I hardly slept last night because of it,” Lind said.
“His apartment was basically set up as a sex room. His bedroom included a bed with nets to mount cameras to record sex acts and a little satanic ritual set up with cameras [and] satanic totems. He had dildos in the showers and these pictures of these kids in the shower with the dildos. . . .
“He couldn’t deny the pictures. We found them on his phone. We seized his laptop and he said there was going to be more photos on the laptop. We got several hundred photos from Milford (police).” . . .
A relative of the children who requested to not be named tells FOX19 NOW “This is just the beginning.”
“It’s going to get worse. When William admitted to the fact that he was also sending pictures out to people, that’s another reason why they are bringing in the FBI. They are sex trafficking the photos and they are on a website and they can’t shut it down.”

More charges:

One of two men under arrest on child rape and pornography charges was indicted [Sept. 10] on 51 additional charges.
A Clermont County Grand Jury indicted Joseph Lee Suder on 3 counts of rape, 3 counts of gross sexual imposition, 16 counts of illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material or performance, 27 count of pandering in obscenity involving a minor, one count of trafficking in persons, and one count of tampering with evidence.

Two men, at least three victims, to say nothing of the international child-pornography distribution network these two guys supplied with videos.

“Allegedly,” I hasten to add.



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