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Aaron Calvin and the SJW Boomerang

Posted on | September 27, 2019 | 1 Comment

It never fails: The people who are most insistent on destroying people for breaches of social-justice protocols are themselves “problematic”:

Carol Hunter, the executive editor of the Des Moines Register, published a statement Thursday night announcing that the paper had fired reporter Aaron Calvin. . . .
Calvin is the reporter who wrote a profile of an Iowa man named Carson King. After King’s beer sign went viral, he raised over a million dollars for a local children’s hospital. In putting together the profile of King, Calvin uncovered two racist tweets King had published about 8 years ago when he was just sixteen. King immediately apologized publicly but Anheuser-Busch distanced itself from him . . .
The Register published the story including a reference to the old tweets and received an angry backlash from readers who argued that the tweets had nothing to do with the substance of the story. Part of that backlash included people digging into reporter Aaron Calvin’s old tweets, which also contained his use of the n-word and some ugly comments about the police. . . .
The problem, of course, is that reporter Aaron Calvin didn’t decide to publish the information about the tweets on his own. So whatever fallout Carson King experienced wasn’t the fault of Aaron Calvin acting on his own. Hunter admits editors were involved in the decision making about what to publish but claims that Anheuser-Busch decided to distance itself from King without being contacted by the Register about his old tweets. . . .
So the Register uncovered the tweets, contacted King about them and then, somehow, Anheuser-Busch dropped King all in the space of a few hours without anyone notifying them? That’s a hell of a coincidence.

A lot of conservatives are trying hard not to gloat about Aaron Calvin’s firing, saying they don’t want to participate in “cancel culture.”

Well, pardon my French, but fuck that noise. We know the reason why Aaron Calvin decided to go digging around into Carson King’s Twitter archives for evidence of Wrongthink: Calvin, a former BuzzFeed employee, is a progressive social-justice warrior (SJW) and he suspected that King, a beer-drinking white male from the Midwest, was probably a Republican. This was a blue-on-red attack, motivated by partisan malice, and so if that came boomeranging back on Calvin, good.

It’s like when a “male feminist” type gets destroyed by the #MeToo mob. Normally, I’d be willing to extend the benefit of the doubt to any guy caught in a “he-said/she-said” situation where his ex-girlfriend is asserting, without any real evidence, that he engaged in some not-entirely-consensual behavior while they were dating. But when that happens to a male feminist? Burn him at the stake, I say. Any man who, for example, applauded the attack on Brett Kavanaugh has thereby forfeited any claim to due-process protections, as far as I’m concerned.

The Left wanted to change the rules? Fine — enjoy your moral high ground, until we get a chance to force you to play by your New Rules.

War to the knife, knife to the hilt.




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