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The Secret of Liberal ‘Success’

Posted on | November 18, 2019 | Comments Off on The Secret of Liberal ‘Success’

Readers will please excuse last week’s paucity of blog content, as I’ve gotten sucked into The Dreaded Research Vortex again, and at some point you have to commit to 48 hours’ worth of ideological spelunking in a 72-hour span. Add in a few hassles in so-called “real life,” including a trip to the Veteran’s Administration and some baby-sitting duty with a grandchild, and a few hours of nightmare-lashed sleep, you can blow most of a week rather easily this way. Fear not, however, because if I can ever pull this story together, it might be a new book — or maybe another reason for the Southern Poverty Law Center to use me as a “extremist” bogeyman to scare old liberals out of their money. But I digress . . .

The Great Impeachment Witch Hunt has continued, and you didn’t need me to point out the obvious flaws in Chairman Schiff’s show-trial proceedings, because there is always Ace of Spades. God bless that man, who can inform us and laugh out loud at the same time:

Schiff has made up New Rules — unilaterally — that the only Republicans permitted to ask questions are Devin Nunes and a staffer who I think is named Castor. A source says Castor is a good lawyer, but people are telling me he’s coming off as a real blank on TV.
And Schiff made up a rule saying that he would be one of the only twp people to question “Masha” Yavonovich, the former Obama-holdover ambassador to Ukraine fired by Trump.
Of course Trump is permitted to fire her; but the media and Democrats have decided — as they last decided during the Bush presidency, when they declared it was an abuse of office for Bush to fire all of Clinton’s US Attorneys — that Republicans must always retain the political appointees that a Democrat president has hired.
When Nunes moved to yield his time to Ellie Stafanovic, Adam Schiff and his Ten Inch Neck started banging the gavel to shut her up.

No fair-minded person fully informed about this situation would believe that President Trump had done anything wrong (or unconstitutional) in urging Ukraine’s newly-elected president to investigate corruption that appears linked to the “Russian collusion”/MuellerGate attack. Therefore, liberals seek to win by ensuring that the people are not fully informed, but instead are subjected to a nonstop stream of anti-Trump propaganda from CNN and other anti-Trump media outlets. Any fact that contradict the Democrat-dictated narrative are dismissed as “Fox News right-wing conspiracy-theory Republican talking points” or whatever.

At some point, however, the ability of the Democrat-Media Complex to generate a plausible alternative reality is strained beyond its power. Prissy puritanical Chairman Schiff makes a poor “face” for the Democrats, whose base is largely female and/or non-white (and not actually concerned much about U.S. foreign policy). It remains to be seen what will become of this witch-hunt, but the propaganda strategy behind it is obvious. It’s a smear — character assassination — intended to demonize the President, and erode his support.



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