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Climate Change Cult Update

Posted on | November 24, 2019 | 2 Comments


Our educational institutions, the major media, and every candidate for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination are in unanimous agreement: Climate change is a “crisis” that requires drastic measures. We must do something — something very expensive, involving untold trillions of dollars of taxpayer money — and do it immediately, or else global warming will make Earth uninhabitable, a lifeless desert planet.

I have never believed this crap, but there are plenty of allegedly intelligent people who believe it with the certainty that a 17th-century Puritan believed in Original Sin, and so these zealots engage in all kinds of bizarre behavior, like giving money to the Pete Buttigieg campaign, or engaging in ridiculous protest stunts:

Spectators rushed the field to stage a climate change protest at halftime of Saturday’s Harvard-Yale game, delaying the start of the second half by nearly an hour and causing the game to finish in near-darkness.
The 136th edition of The Game between the Ivy League rivals went to halftime around 1:40 p.m. ET, and students from both schools occupied midfield after the Yale band finished performing.
Most protesters left after about an hour when they were escorted off by police, who then told about two dozen who remained they were under arrest. The field was ultimately cleared, and the game resumed at 2:48 p.m. ET.
However, the delay led to an issue for the game’s finish because the Yale Bowl lacks stadium lights, and sunset in New Haven, Connecticut, was set for 4:26 p.m. on Saturday.
The darkness problem was compounded as the game went to double overtime, but Yale ultimately got a stop to win 50-43 — and secure a share of the Ivy League title — at 4:38 p.m., before it became too dark to play.
In a statement, the Ivy League referred to the protest as “regrettable.” Yale said that while it “stands firmly for the right to free expression,” it had issues with how the protesters went about their demonstration.
“The exercise of free expression on campus is subject to general conditions, and we do not allow disruption of university events,” Yale said in its own statement.

File this under the category of “Things That Never Happen in Tuscaloosa.” You have to be rich to attend an Ivy League school — it’s $72,100 a year at Yale, $69,607 at Harvard — and only rich kids can afford the luxury of devoting their lives to idiot causes like “climate change.” And I will say, furthermore, that “climate change” is an obsession only for white people. The autistic Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg is the perfect poster child for this movement, which is whiter than a meeting of the Stephen Colbert Fan Club. Like, go down to West Baltimore and ask some of the brothers their opinions about climate change. That will be a rather short conversation ending with a suggestion that you “get the f–k outta my neighbhood, cracker.”

Speaking of people you wouldn’t want in your neighborhood . . .


You might be wondering what this weird scene has to do with climate change. You should ask Wes Siler (the guy on the left), because that’s his girlfriend Virginia McQueen on the right (next to their dog), and the guy in the middle is Kevin Hutzler, a researcher for Amazon Studios. Hutzler’s gay, so I don’t suppose he has any interest in Siler’s girlfriend, but maybe there’s an innocuous explanation behind this. Siler is a longtime outdoors writer, who once made a startling confession:

Scouts doesn’t dictate which god you have to believe in, just that you do need to believe in one. Anecdotally, I’ve seen more and more parents voice this as a reason why they haven’t encouraged their kids to participate in Scouting. In my own experience, it creates a dilemma for non-religious Scouts. The Scout Law requires Scouts to tell the truth, yet as an atheist, I lied through omission both when I attained the Eagle rank and when I became an Assistant Scoutmaster as an adult. 

Would you let your 12-year-old son go camping with Wes Siler? Probably not, but that still doesn’t explain the climate change angle:


How crazy can white liberals get? We now know the answer:

On Thursday, 38-year-old lifestyle columnist Wes Siler wrote on Outside Magazine’s website seemingly bragging about getting a vasectomy to stop global warming — “Getting one was, by far, the most powerful personal action I could take for our planet.” What a hero!
Captain Planet explained he’s “always struggled to combine the idea of personal responsibility with the overwhelming need for human society to address the threat posed by climate change,” hence going under the knife. “With a sudden focus on responsible decision-making, it no longer made sense to leave hypothetical future offspring up to chance,” he said.
After getting engaged, Siler saw wildfires in California and floods in the Mississippi River basin and worried this “might be the new normal” and that “the future might be worse than any of us currently fear.” That, and, “of course, the whole Donald Trump thing” made him question, “Is this a world we want to bring kids into? Is this a world it’s responsible to bring kids into?” . . .
Wanting to “make a meaningful impact” on global warming, Siler and his fiancée agreed not to have kids. He thought about giving up his 15 mpg pickup truck, but calculated “it’s nowhere near the carbon emissions I’ll save by skipping becoming a daddy.” He futher claimed, “Any other action we could take, even all the actions we could ever possibly add up together, pale in comparison” to remaining childless because “two people deciding to make fewer humans eliminates the entire cycle of consumption that would fuel that kid’s life.” . . .
Buying into the liberal fallacy that “there are simply too many humans on this planet,” Siles lectures that “it’s the human conflict created by dwindling resources needed to sustain the population that stands to really change life on this planet.” . . .
Because of all this, he finally made an appointment to get a vasectomy. “I was afraid of getting my scrotum operated on, but the procedure ended up being quicker and less invasive than most dental appointments,” Siler said candidly, as if selling the procedure. . . .
Calling forgoing children “the absolute biggest difference we can make,” he concluded, “We need fewer humans, and getting there voluntarily will be an awful lot less painful than doing it with war, famine, and natural disaster.”

Crazy? Yes. But should we encourage this? Absolutely!

Nothing could make me happier than knowing that my grandchildren (our fifth is due next month) will not have to share the planet with the offspring of pretentious white liberal creeps like Wes Siler.

So if white liberals stop having babies, then maybe my grandchildren will get into Harvard. Thanks a lot, Mister Sperm-Free Lifestyle!

Wait a minute. What’s this email in my inbox? Something from The Darwin Awards Committee? Hang on. Let me check . . .

Oh, we have a winner! Congratulations, Wes Siler!



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