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Aniah Blanchard Murder Suspect Blames His Victim: Teenager ‘Went for the Gun’

Posted on | December 6, 2019 | Comments Off on Aniah Blanchard Murder Suspect Blames His Victim: Teenager ‘Went for the Gun’


This should make everyone extremely angry:

Alabama college student Aniah Blanchard apparently fought back against accused killer Ibraheem Yazeed, according to court records made public Wednesday.
Capital murder charges against Yazeed were announced last week and in an affidavit supporting those charges, an investigator said Yazeed told an acquaintance he shot Blanchard and she “went for the gun.”
Blanchard, 19, was abducted in October outside an Auburn convenience store and was found dead more than a month later in rural Macon County woods. The cause of Blanchard’s death was a gunshot wound, said Lee County District Attorney Brandon Hughes in announcing the upgraded charges against Yazeed. . . .
Blanchard was last seen by a family member on the evening of Oct. 23 at an Auburn residence. Her mother, Angela Harris, has said her daughter then stopped at the convenience store to buy potato chips.
Video evidence from the convenience store at 1599 South College Street put Blanchard and Yazeed there at the same time. A witness later told police he saw Yazeed interacting with Blanchard near her vehicle in front of the store and later forcing Blanchard into her vehicle against her will. . . .
Further video evidence from a separate gas station in Auburn showed Yazeed exiting the passenger side of Blanchard’s vehicle and later re-entering the vehicle. Her Honda CRV was last seen traveling south on South College Street toward the interstate.
Police recovered the teen’s black SUV from an apartment complex on the 6100 block of Boardwalk Boulevard in Montgomery around 6:15 p.m. the following evening . . .
Blood evidence was discovered in the passenger’s compartment of the vehicle and was “indicative of someone suffering a life-threatening injury.” The evidence was submitted to the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences and confirmed to be that of Blanchard.
The affidavit said a person was located who told them Yazeed was next seen at a residence in Montgomery wearing only shorts, with a gun tucked into the shorts. That person said Yazeed was in possession of Blanchard’s vehicle, however, he did not see Blanchard.
“The subject further advised during a subsequent conversation with Yazeed, Yazeed admitted to shooting a girl and stated the girl ‘went for the gun,’’’ Det. Josh Mixon wrote.
Blanchard’s remains were found Monday, Nov. 25, during a search in the 38000 block of County Road 2 in Shorter. Authorities have not announced what led that to that area.
Yazeed was formally served with the capital murder warrants this week. Hughes said his office will seek the death penalty.

Look, I wouldn’t give $0.02 for the word of a career criminal like Ibrahim Yazeed. Every criminal should be presumed to be a liar, because if he was capable of honesty, he wouldn’t be a criminal. So the fact that Yazeed told someone that Blanchard “went for the gun” means nothing. He might have shot her execution-style and just made up this story as an excuse for his crime. But no one knowledgeable about criminal behavior would believe something like that, based solely on the perp’s word.

Aniah Blanchard (front center) with her family.

Yazeed has the kind of lengthy record of criminal violence that indicates he has never even tried to earn a living honestly, and the question is why authorities in Alabama failed to keep him incarcerated, since Yazeed was a known menace to public safety so long as he was on the streets.

Murderers usually do not begin their criminal careers with murder. That is to say, by the time a perpetrator’s violent tendencies escalate to murder, he has usually been involved in crime for many years. Over and over, we see the same story repeated: Small-time crook with an extensive record of arrests — drugs, burglary, car theft, sex offenses, etc. — plea bargains, probation, maybe a year or two in prison here or there, but always turned loose, and always re-offending. Somehow, no one in the system ever figures out that this lifelong criminal can never be reformed, and that the best interests of the public would be served by putting him in prison, if not for for life, at least until he’s too old to be an effective criminal. How much will it cost taxpayers to put Ibrahim Yazeed on trial? How many years, and how many appeals, will it take before he is finally put to death? Gosh, I wonder what would happen if jail officials were to put Yazeed in general population. Maybe one of his fellow inmates would decide to save the taxpayers a lot of money, time and trouble.

There’s no Supreme Court appeal for a shank under the fifth rib.





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