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Four Dead After Florida Jewelry-Store Robbery Leads to High-Speed Pursuit

Posted on | December 6, 2019 | Comments Off on Four Dead After Florida Jewelry-Store Robbery Leads to High-Speed Pursuit

Just another typical day in Florida:

Four people were killed in South Florida after two armed jewelry thieves hijacked a UPS truck along with its driver and led cops on a high-speed pursuit that ended when the vehicle got stuck in traffic Thursday afternoon.
The chase began in Coral Gables and ended 25 miles away on a busy street in Miramar, where a shoot out erupted once the truck couldn’t go any further because of traffic.
As many as 19 officers descended on the truck once it was finally stopped, spraying the vehicle with possibly more than 200 rounds, a source tells WFOR.
Killed at the scene were the two suspects, the abducted UPS driver and a bystander who was inside an idle car near the mayhem.
The pursuit began shortly after a jewelry store in Coral Gables set off a silent alarm about 4.15pm, said Coral Gables Police Chief Ed Hudak.
Cops responded to Regent Jewelers on Mariana Avenue in less than two minutes to find that the suspects had exchanged gunfire with the store’s proprietor, Hudak said.
A female employee in the store was found to have been shot in the head after a gunman’s bullet ricocheted off the floor. She was later reportedly in stable condition.
One bullet was even found to have struck the Coral Gables City Hall. . . .
The suspects then made their escape in the hijacked UPS truck, taking its driver hostage and leading authorities on a high-speed pursuit. The chase was captured by news outlets and broadcast live as the drama unfolded. . . .
The UPS truck made its way up the Florida Turnpike, then on to Okeechobee Road and finally Interstate 75 into Broward County.
The suspects fired upon cops during the pursuit, the Miami Herald reports.
After several running several red lights and harrowing maneuvers made in an attempt to escape, the truck came to a stop on Miramar Parkway near Flamingo Road because of traffic around 5.30pm.
Motorists and bystanders watched as police officers frantically scrambled to stop the suspects.
Police in footage taken of the chase are then seen approaching the truck and opening fire into the vehicle, reports WPLG.
Gun shots are fired, and a man’s leg became visible in the truck’s passenger side door, followed by another man climbing over him who covered his head for protection from the spray of bullets.

What strikes me is that, many hours after the shoot-out ended, police still have not named the dead robbery suspects. Certainly, the identity of these criminals is known to police, so why not name them? Why not release their mug shots and tell us about their prior criminal records? Because you know doggone well that this was not their first time at the rodeo. You don’t begin your criminal career by robbing a jewelry store. No, these guys had almost certainly been perpetrating since they were teenagers, and when we finally learn their identities, we’ll discover that they had extensive criminal records and yet, for some reason, were not in prison. This is predictable, to anyone who pays attention to news about crime, and yet somehow our criminal justice system hasn’t figured out that it’s a bad idea to turn these animals loose.

People on Twitter are blaming the police for the UPS driver’s death:

Frank Ordonez was named by CBS Miami as the UPS driver who was killed during a wild police chase in Florida that unfolded after jewelry thieves hijacked his truck and took Ordonez hostage. Ordonez was a young father remembered for his work ethic, and serious questions remain about how he was slain.
Four people lay dead by the time the dust cleared; Ordonez, another innocent bystander (as yet not named), and the two robbers. Outrage flooded social media from people who watched the frightening police pursuit unfold live on television and who believe that law enforcement needlessly endangered – and maybe even took – Ordonez’s life. “The cops killed Frank Ordonez on live tv and endangered the lives of so many other bystanders over stolen jewelry,” wrote one angry woman on Twitter, echoing the thoughts of others. . . .
A co-worker told CBS that the day he died was Ordonez’s “first day alone on the job after having completed his training.” He had been at UPS for five years, however.
“The victim I’m told is Frank Ordonez, a beloved UPS driver who was just 27 yrs old,” journalist Amber Diaz wrote on Twitter.

Look, I don’t want to say the cops handled this situation perfectly, but if you want to blame someone, shouldn’t you focus on the criminals who kidnapped Ordonez and hijacked his truck? But no, liberals hate the police, so of course it’s all the cops’ fault.



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