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The Impeachment Circus Continues, But Does Any Sane Person Actually Care?

Posted on | December 7, 2019 | Comments Off on The Impeachment Circus Continues, But Does Any Sane Person Actually Care?


I’ve spent the past week ignoring the impeachment circus, but did you know that “the Trump campaign took in $15 million in small-dollar donations in the first three days after Pelosi announced the inquiry”? Did you know that Trump’s approval rating has gone up since the Shifty Schiff UkraineGate hearings began last month? Not to dismiss the seriousness of all this — the fact that Nancy Pelosi believes she has a mandate for impeachment is disturbing, even if you think it’s absurd — but it is difficult to see how this is going to be anything other than a political catastrophe for Democrats. And CNN, but I repeat myself:

If Democrats and their media allies thought that the impeachment of President Trump would be his undoing, I’ve got bad news for them: it’s actually undoing them. The Democrats’ favorite (fake) news channel CNN is suffering from a three-year low in ratings.
According to Disrn, CNN “reached a three-year low in ratings over the Thanksgiving holidays, averaging 643,000 primetime viewers. The news outlet also saw its worst week for viewers among the 25-43 demographic.” In that group, CNN only pulled 138,000 viewers. That’s pathetic.
Fox News, on the other hand, “posted higher ratings than CNN and MSNBC combined, averaging nearly 2.2 million viewers during primetime last week. The network also pulled in 303,000 viewers ages 25 to 54,” which is the most important target group for advertisers.
In other words, Fox News is utterly and completely destroying the competition. Now, there’s nothing new about that in itself, but what is new is CNN’s complete and utter irrelevance in the news world. If you’re thinking to yourself, “CNN? I never watch it!”, you’re not only talking for yourself but for just about every single American. There’s literally just about nobody watching any of its programs — let alone those scheduled outside of primetime.

(Hat-tip: Instapundit.) To have an audience of less than 700,000 viewers, in a nation of 325 million, in the midst of what the media keep calling a “historic” impeachment proceeding — well, look up the word “pathetic” in the dictionary and you’ll find it illustrated with a photo of Don Lemon.

Look, I hate to break it to King Creole‘s viewers — whoever they are, trapped in an airport somewhere — but most Americans don’t give a crap about U.S. policy toward Ukraine, and most Americans are also smart enough to figure out that Hunter Biden never would have gotten that Burisma gig if his name had been “Hunter Smith” or “Hunter Jones.”

With Cocaine Mitch running the Senate, there is no way this impeachment will result in President Trump’s removal from office, so that the American people will decide the issue next November, and who are the Democrats going to nominate against him? Not Kamala Harris — because Democrats are racist sexists who hate black women.

If I were asked to wager on the Democrat nomination, my money would be on Elizabeth Warren, the fake Cherokee Harvard professor, and if you think working-class voters in Wisconsin are going to dump Trump to elect Warren, you need to turn off MSNBC, sit down and contemplate how you’ve reached this nadir of bleak desperation.



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